When Apple originally launched the Apple Watch in 2015, it was claimed that the product will never be as successful as the other products from the company. But as the series progressed, Apple Watch sales became more and more prominent.


In the past few years, Apple Watches have even been considered the king of smartwatches, as no Android counterpart was up to the mark. 

With the increased popularity of Apple Watch every year, smartwatches became the modern tech trend. It’s safe to say that Apple Watch is the product that kickstarted the popularity of smartwatches. 

With the launch of Apple Watch Series 5, Apple has given out its best to keep leading the smartwatch market. Was Apple successful in doing that? Let’s find out in our full Apple Watch Series 5 review.

Same classic design:

The newest version of the Apple Watch is noticeably unchanged from the previous-gen in terms of design and esthetics — but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It still comes in two sizes, a 44cm case and a 40mm for the people having slimmer wrists. The 44cm one weighs just around 36 grams and it’s barely noticeable on your wrist. It never gets caught under a shirt’s cuff. Apple Watch Series 5 Full Review

You might think the design could feel outdated considering that it hasn’t been updated since last year, but that’s not true. The Apple Watch’s design is exactly how a smartwatch should have been designed — don’t let the “same old” phrase distract you from the ergonomically correct design choices of the Apple Watch Series 5.

The earlier versions of the Apple Watch were criticized for not having a round dial, but as the years passed, the design of Apple Watch has become an iconic one. Let’s not say that we don’t want to see a round Apple Watch in the future, we’re just saying that we desperately don’t need a round Apple Watch as the current design is almost perfect. 

Compared to Series 4, Series 5 has the same dial size but packs a larger display. That improves the ergonomics of the Apple Watch 5 display by a considerable margin.

It can be safely said that the design of Apple Watch Series 5 hasn’t changed — because there’s no need.

Build quality:

The materials used in the construction of the Apple Watch are chosen wisely and it certainly looks like they have been chosen by someone who knows how to design smartwatches.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose between titanium, stainless steel, ceramic, or aluminum Apple Watches. The aluminum one is the cheapest — but that doesn’t mean it feels cheap. In fact, there’s no notable difference between them. People won’t even know what type of Apple Watch you have unless you tell them. 

That being said, the aluminum version of the Apple Watch Series 5 is made out of recycled materials. So, if you’re going with the aluminum version, you’re taking your part in helping to save the planet. 


Here’s the big upgrade from Series 4 — Apple Watch Series 5 comes with an always-on display. What does that mean for you? Well, the time will always be visible on the screen — sounds silly, right? But that has never been an option on the Apple Watch until Series 5 came along. 

In the previous versions, you had to raise your wrist by a not-so-subtle gesture to turn on the display, but that wasn’t appropriate in all cases. With the introduction of Series 5, you finally get to experience the always-on display which has been there on the Android side of things from quite some time now. 

Apple Watch Series 5 doesn’t only show the time on the always-on display, you can also set it to show a dimmer version of the entire watch face! That makes all your relevant information accessible to you in a glance. Apple Watch Series 5 Full Review

It has an ambient light sensor as well. It perfectly detects the intensity of light in your environments, so the display never gets too bright or too dim for you. 

When you’re using an app and go inactive, the display dims out and blurs the background to show the time. That applies to all the applications except the workout app — which still keeps showing all the relevant workout information. 

To save some battery juice, you can also toggle the always-on display off in the display settings. It’s your choice to either choose the always-on display or slightly better battery life. 

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Fitness and health tracking:

Unless you’re a marathon runner or some other kind of athlete who requires an insane amount of details about their workouts, Apple Watch 5 has all the metrics you’ll need for all your health and fitness tracking needs. It takes care of everything like steps, calories, hourly movements, and relaxation, and has workout tracking for every type of workout including running, cycling, swimming, yoga, and more. 

It’d be wrong to say that these features aren’t available in any other smartwatch — but it’s also safe to say that Apple Watch 5 presents the bigger picture in a compact display with the best user experience. The longer you wear the Apple Watch 5, the better it gets and shows more relevant and correct information about your activities. 


Apple Watch Series 5 Full Review


Battery life:

You might be wondering if the always-on display has ruined the battery life on Series 5 — No! It easily lasts a day and a half out of a single charge. However, we’d suggest charging it every night — just to be safe. 

However, it’s to be noted that battery life depends on usage. You might get a different experience of the battery life than we did. This change in battery life is especially notable if you’re always listening to calls on the cellular version. Battery life also varies with the usage of fitness tracking and GPS. 

But, even if you’re taking several cellular calls and monitoring your workout for extended periods, you should be able to get a day out of its battery, pretty easily. 




Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest offering from Apple — and it’s arguably the best offering in the whole smartwatch market. If you have the budget and urge to purchase the Apple Watch 5, it’s definitely worth it.

However, if you already have a Series 4 Apple Watch, you may want to stick with it and wait for the Series 6 — that’s unless you’re very desperate for the always-on display of Series 5. 

Apple Watch Series 5


  • Display That Never Sleeps
  • ECG App
  • The App Store On Your Wrist


  • Higher Price
  • Low Battery Life
  • Doesn’t Work On Older Phones

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