Best Apple Watch Apps to Look for in 2020


Before the novel coronavirus outbreak, on an average of 23 Apple Watches were sold every minute from all around the world, accounting for 33 million units sold last year.

It is said that an Apple Watch user typically check out the wrist 60-80 times a day.Best Apple Watch Apps to Look for in 2020 - watch on the wrist

With the announcement of Apple bringing an App Store to the Apple Watch with WatchOS 6, it has brought about encouragement, and creative spark among the community of app developers to develop more apps specifically designed for Apple Watch.

Apple has set footholds in the smartwatch industry by making a market big enough for applications specifically designed for Apple Watch.

It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 apps in the Apple Watch App Store. Out of which, the Utilities section ranks amongst the top category, accounting for 12% of all the apps share and more than 600 gaming apps designed for Apple Watch.

In this article, we’ve compiled our top list of the best Apple Watch apps to have and look for in 2020.


  1. Strava | Best Fitness & Workout App


Strava needs no introduction for serious fitness fans: it’s one among the world’s top fitness apps for runners, cyclists, gym-goers, and swimmers. You can sync workout, activities, and with enabled online tracking, you can paint on the overall design of your fitness activities.Best Apple Watch Apps to Look for in 2020 -

Strava is on a continuous update cycle, so just days after the Apple Watch sync was introduced there was another update with improved stroke analysis for swimmers and better cadence analysis for runners.

The app also offers activity sharing features and interactive 3-D maps for skiers. The key element of Strava is its social aspect, which elevates it above other GPS-enabled fitness apps as you can compare your performance not just with yourself but with other users to compete on the leaderboards as per your geographic location.

Strava is available for free on App Store, however, the best bits are within the Premium subscription, which is offered at a fairly cheap price as per fitness-app standards for $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year.


  1. Things 3 | Best to-do list App


Things 3 is one of the absolute best to-do apps on iOS and the Apple Watch. It’s been rebuilt as a standalone app that will sync and operate directly with the Thing’s cloud space, and its syncing is significantly improved with changes appearing across your devices instantly.

Things 3 now supports multiple watches and Scribble, so you’ll use that rather than having to dictate into the app. You can add items, make default today list, clear, and add-in items directly from your Apple Watch. You can also expand an item from the list, providing with all the information you require directly on your wrist.

Things 3 is available on the App Store for $9.99.


  1. WebMD | Best Medical App


WebMD is one of the best medical apps that can help you keep healthy. Available for Apple Watch devices, WebMD lets you compare and analyze your Best Apple Watch Apps to Look for in 2020 - webmd appsymptoms with various illnesses and diseases and guiding you with the safest approach and medicine to deal with your health situation.

You can input your prescription, medicine schedule, dosage information and the app helps in reminding you at what time you need to take your medication or pill, with food or without food. You can enable a notification or can add a watch face display to keep you reminded and posted all the time.

It is one of the simple, health, and well-being utility app available for Apple Watch.

WebMD is available for free to download on App Store.


  1. Rules | Best Apple Watch Game


 Rules is one of the best mini-challenge game that helps you in memorizing and challenges you with different tapping card games. It must be sounding easy, Best Apple Watch Apps to Look for in 2020but it isn’t. With each round, the difficulty level increases with a new and different set of rules to be memorized and one bad tap, it’s Game Over fellas.

The app presents a far more responsive, more levels, and creative design with haptic feedback, making it as one of the best games available on Apple Watch.

Rules is available to download for WatchOS 5 and later versions on App Store for $2.99.


  1. Pandora | Best App for Songs and Podcasts


Pandora is one of the popular music and podcast streaming service that now offers a standalone app designed for Apple Watch. You can directly access all your favorite music and podcast from your watch – rather than needing or controlling from your smartphone every time. It provides you with an edge over Spotify and other music streaming apps that require to use your smartphone.Best Apple Watch Apps to Look for in 2020- Pandora

The app supports both online live streaming of music and offline downloads to listen to your favorite song on the go when there is no internet connection. It has in-built features like discover, to find a song or an artist from the search option, and other perfect soundtracks as per the occasion.

Since, the app is based on Apple’s latest streaming APIs, you’ll need WatchOS 6 to run the Pandora app and a Series 3 or later to stream music or podcasts without your phone.

Pandora offers a very smart, friendly, and interactive Interface that manages to fit in your Watch screen without feeling cluttered or nudging around with the taps.

Pandora is available for free on App Store, however, to get more exciting features and best from the app, it is advisable to subscribe to Pandora Plus which is available for $4.99 a month and Pandora Plus with advance features for $12.99 a month.

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