Best Smartwatches For Hiking in 2020

Best Smartwatches For Hiking in 2020



Hiking is one of the major activities actively performed throughout the globe by many people. This activity is of moderate difficulty but is very effective for burning calories and working out your whole body. 

In this quick read, you’re going to learn about hiking, its types, benefits, and the best smartwatches for hiking in 2020 available in the market. So, stay with us and keep reading.

Best Smartwatches For Hiking in 2020

What is hiking?

Hiking is a moderately difficult activity that involves long walks — usually on paths or trails. The duration of a hike could range anywhere from a half-day to a massive more than 20 days. It’s common to confuse hiking with trekking — and they are quite similar, to be honest. The difference between the two activities is in terms of walk duration. Hiking relates to walks shorter than a week. On the other hand, trekking usually relates to walks that are longer than a week.

Hiking is a great way to explore the culture and natural beauty of a country or an area, and also provides an insight into the local food tastes.

Types of hiking:

Depending on the difficulty and duration of a hike, hiking could be classified into two types.


Short hikes:

Short hikes are easier and shorter in duration — usually, they could be as short as one day or half-day. They are a great way to perform some physical activity once a month — and a great way to bring out the hiker within you.


Long hikes — aka treks:

When it comes to exploring culture of an area or trying to access a remote area, long hikes are the way to go. They are usually longer than a week and you have to spend your nights in tents or mountain huts — but that’s what makes hiking memorable, doesn’t it? 

Best Smartwatches For Hiking in 2020


Benefits of hiking:

Hiking is one of the activities that involve the workout of your whole body. You obtain several physical and benefits that enable you to spend a healthier and stronger life. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits.   


A stronger physique:

As hiking involves the workout of all your body muscles from head to toe, it’s a great activity for building a stronger and sturdier physique. Your muscles become stronger and your bones get sturdier. 


Improved sense of balance:

While making your way through rugged paths and steep trails, your body learns to balance itself in a better way. Long walks are always a great way to improve your body’s balance — but when this walk is on a rugged steep trail, the experience is on a new level. 


Lower risk of heart diseases:

When you perform this rigorous activity, your heart pumps more than normal blood to your limbs and other body parts. This process serves as a workout for your heart and helps in keeping it healthy — ultimately resulting in a lower risk of diseases associated with heart and cardiovascular system.


Controlled weight:

If you weight more than normal, hiking can help you in burning your body fat and reducing your weight to a desirable level. If you weigh less than normal, hiking can help you gain some weight by growing your muscles and making them stronger.

Best Smartwatches For Hiking in 2020


A better mood:

Many scientific studies support the fact that hiking is useful in reducing the symptoms of stress and depression. This reduction results in a happier and livelier mood and lifestyle.


A better sense of nature:

As you walk down the paths, rushing through fields and rocks, you learn to sense the nature in a beautiful way. Sensing and admiring nature’s beauty is a healthy activity that’s prescribed by many doctors to improve mental health and mood. 


What are the best smartwatches for hiking in 2020?

As now you’re aware of all the potential benefits of hiking, you might be up for a hiking trip to the countryside or mountains. If that’s the case, you might be looking for a hiking smartwatch that could fit your needs and make your overall hiking experience, a breeze. 

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best smartwatches for hiking in 2020. 



  • Suunto Core Hiking Watch:


Here’s the pick that all these adventurers out there absolutely love — Suunto Core. This watch not only comes with all the necessary features that you’d be needing during an ideal hiking trip — it packs these features in a nice and stylish package. Some of the features that take your hiking experience to the next level are; a vertical altimeter that works like a charm, a feature to track sun and weather conditions, compass, barometer, and more!



  • Garmin Epix Hiking Watch:

Garmin is well-known for its cutting-edge electronics for sports. Garmin Epix is one of its greatest offerings. By utilizing Garmin’s BaseCamp software, you can download maps for almost every country on the planet. These downloaded maps are very convenient for your hiking trips. It comes with a touchscreen so you never have to work with a million buttons again. Moreover, the design of this smartwatch is very luxurious and stylish, so you never miss out on style during your trips. 



  • Garmin Fenix 6

Looking for an option that combines hiking features with fitness tracking? Garmin Fenix 6 is the way to go! With features like heart rate monitoring, you never miss out on keeping track of your fitness while you’re on the go. While you’re in the wilderness, sometimes, it can get a bit lonely. Lucky for you, Garmin Fenix 6 comes in with a music player, so you can listen to your favorite music along the way. 



Hiking is a very fun and beneficial activity for you to do every once in a while. It’s a great way to explore countrysides and usually-unaccessible remote areas. During your explorations, you’re also going to feast on the various health benefits that come along with hiking. 

As you’re familiar with the best smartwatch options for hiking in 2020, it’s time for you to get your hands on one of these beautiful watches, and step out there to explore some nature.



The Best Smartwatch for Swimming

The Best Smartwatch for Swimming


Swimming is one of the most popular activities around the globe — and with good reasons. There are many benefits of swimming for our muscular and cardiovascular system. Swimming can burn as many calories as running, but it doesn’t put pressure on your bones and joints. Many people do swimming for recreation and also benefit from the health and social benefits that come along with it. 

Let’s get you started by having a look at some common benefits of swimming — then, we’re going to pick some popular smartwatches for you that are ideal for use while swimming. So, stay with us and read on.

How does swimming benefit you?

Before we present you with the list of popular smartwatches for swimming, let’s get you informed about some benefits of swimming.

The Best Smartwatch for Swimming

1. Works out several muscles of your body:

One of the major benefits of swimming is that it doesn’t work out a single group of muscles of your body — it works out a number of them — from head to toe!

The Best Smartwatch for Swimming - FitBit Versa 2

Runners use their leg’s muscles to run, and that’s where they gain most of their build-up. Swimming, on the other hand, utilizes a large number of muscles to push the water. When your legs kick, your arms pull. When your back reaches and rotates, your stomach tightens up to stabilize the core and to provide power to the legs. This combined workout effect makes swimming one of the best aerobic exercises for a full-body workout.


2. Also works on your internal systems:

Alongside providing a full-body workout, swimming also strengthens your cardiovascular system, heart, and lungs. Some researchers have found that swimming may even reduce your risk of death. When compared to inactive people, swimming can reduce as much as 50% of the risk of death in people who’re regular swimmers. Some other researches support the fact that swimming can help in controlling blood pressure and blood sugar.

The Best Smartwatch for Swimming

3. Suitable for people with injuries, arthritis, and other conditions:The Best Smartwatch for Swimming - Apple Watch Series 5

Are you someone having a medical condition like an injury, arthritis, or disability? There’s a high chance that your doctor has advised you not to do any high-impact exercises or activities. Well, even though swimming has the advantages of a high-impact exercise, it doesn’t put any pressure on your body. That means swimming is safer for people having medical conditions like these. 


4. Your body achieves flexibility:

As swimming requires you to pull and stretch your way through the liquid pressure, it helps your body in achieving higher flexibility. It doesn’t mean you should stop doing flexibility exercises if you’re an athlete or someone else who requires an insane level of flexibility, they are essential for professional-level flexibility — but swimming is enough for all your regular flexibility needs. 

The Best Smartwatch for Swimming

5. Reduces stress and depression:

Activities like running and swimming release happy hormones that help you in lowering stress and depression levels. Alongside that, swimming grants a sense

The Best Smartwatch for Swimming - Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

of relaxation, just like yoga. That’s because you constantly stretch your body while swimming. Combine the stretching with the rhythmic breathing, you’re going to feel the relaxation levels you have been seeking.

What are the best smartwatch options for swimming?

As now you’re familiar with the benefits of swimming, you might be in the market to look for the best smartwatch for swimming that can track your swimming activity accurately, and is also certified waterproof. Well, we got you covered! 

Here is our list of the best smartwatches for swimming.

1. Apple Watch Series 5:

As Apple goes on to update its Apple Watch series every year, it adds more and more helpful functionality for fitness tracking. The latest offering from Apple, Apple Watch 5, combined with new watchOS 6, provides a superb swimming experience. It has all the necessary features ranging from automatic split detection to stroke detection. If you’re seeking a greater amount of activity details, you can also lean towards other workout apps available in the store. Apple Watch 5 also feasts on the water ejection feature — that can automatically remove water from the speaker.

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 2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2:

On the Android side of the things, Samsung got you covered with its latest and greatest — Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. The Galaxy Watch is water-sealed and has an atmospheric rating of 5 ATM. Within the swim tracking screen, you can customize the information as per your liking. You can edit information, like your goals, the pool length (25m is the default), data displayed as you swim, and more. As you swim, touch sensitivity is reduced to eliminate the possibility of accidental touches. Just like the Apple Watch, you can clear up the speaker by the water eject feature. 

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3. Fitbit Versa 2:

For all the Fitbit fans out there — Fitbit Versa 2 could be the best option for you. It’s feature-rich with fitness-focused features and presents the information intuitively and straightforwardly. Just like the Galaxy Watch, it has an atmospheric rating of 5 ATM, which makes you free of worries about any potential water damage possibilities.

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4. Garmin Swim 2:

Garmin is one of the most prominent sports watch brands out there — and never disappoints when it comes to exceptional quality sports gear. When it comes to swimming, Garmin Swim 2 could be your best bet. Garmin Swim 2, released in October 2019, provides an underwater wrist-based heart rate monitoring feature. It provides a GPS for all your open swimming needs. It’s water-resistant to up to 50 meters and provides all the basic metrics, i.e., strokes, pace, and distance. 

5. Garmin Forerunner :

This option could be labeled as the most powerful multisport watch on the market. Having a waterproof rating of 5 ATM, and a battery life of up to 24 hours — this watch has it all. It could be the perfect choice for swim-bike-run athletes as it provides all the important training and performance features you’d ever need.


As you’ve got yourself familiar with the benefits of swimming — and you’re also aware of our top picks for the best smartwatch for swimming, it’s probably the time for you to go out there, get your hands on your preferred swimming watch, and start your swimming lessons right away!


How Can Smartwatches Help Businessmen And Entrepreneurs?

Smartwatches are the rising stars when it comes to modern and trendy everyday tech. After smartphones gained popularity throughout the last several years, smartwatches have started becoming a norm for trendy and modern tech users. Not only smartwatches help individuals manage their daily-life smartphone tasks in an easier way, but they also serve as a modern fashion element.It may not be as obvious as you’d think, but besides helping individuals in their daily lives, smartwatches can also help businessmen and entrepreneurs in their work. They can ultimately help them boost their productivity and produce higher business outputs and profits. Keep reading and in the next few minutes, you’ll learn everything you’d ever need to know about how can smartwatches  help businessmen and entrepreneurs improve their business.

  • Boost productivity:

If you’re an entrepreneur, productivity is one of the most important factors for your success. It’s probably the thing you’re most focused on during your working hours. It may not be obvious, but smartwatches indeed help in boosting productivity by a special Android Wear feature called “Discover”. It was originally available on Android smartphones only but eventually made its way to the Android Wear OS. This feature is highly personalized and works according to the preferences of the user. It learns about the user and presents him with useful information about the topics of his interest. This can help entrepreneurs in getting their hands on the latest information about their work.

  • Help in time management:

If you’re a busy businessman or entrepreneur, time is crucial for you. It’s important for you to manage your time in a smart manner using hourly reminders and task reminders. For example, Android Wear is tightly integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail. Your smartwatch will derive important task reminders from your calendar or emails and remind you to complete them on time. In addition, you can set customized timers and reminders to motivate yourself to complete certain tasks before your desired deadline.


How Can Smartwatches Help Businessmen And Entrepreneurs?

  • Get real-time notifications that you can’t miss:

How bad it would be if you missed an important business notification because you didn’t notice your phone’s vibration. That notification could be pointing to some important product delivery, an important meeting, or an important email from your partners or clients. In any case, these missed notifications can cause trouble which you could have easily prevented if you had a smartwatch on your wrist. Notifications from your phone are directly pushed to your smartwatch and it’s almost impossible to miss them when you feel that kind of buzz, right on your wrist. 

  • Make travels a breeze:

It doesn’t matter if it’s a business trip or a personal one, this one hits everyone. Without a smartwatch, you’d always be hunting through your pockets and wallet for travel documents like an airport boarding pass, navigation, and payments. But that’s not the case when you have these documents and features safely packed in a little case wrapped around your wrist with a strap. You can make secure payments, navigate around the city, and show your boarding pass to airport staff, right from your smartwatch, making your travels a lovely breeze.

  • Motivate you to be fit:

When you have a modern smartwatch on your wrist, you don’t need any other type of fitness gear to keep track of your health. All the medium to high-end smartwatches come with all the necessary sensors to keep track of everything about your fitness. Many businessmen and entrepreneurs have to sit in their desks and work on their computers most of the day, which makes it a necessity for them to motivate themselves to be healthy. And of course, a smartwatch with all necessary health features will help you to keep moving and be active.

  • Help you never miss a call:

It’s embarrassing when you miss an important call because your phone was buried deep inside your pocket or purse. When you’re running a business, you just cannot afford to miss any of the important business calls. A smartwatch will help you achieve just that by pushing all your calls directly to your wrist. If your hands are busy and can’t take your phone out of the pocket, you can even answer the phone call directly from your smartwatch, provided it has cellular capabilities. 

  • Help you take note of an inspirational idea:How Can Smartwatches Help Businessmen And Entrepreneurs?

Inspiration doesn’t ring the doorbell before it strikes on your brain. It’s important to capture that idea right away and note it down somewhere safe. If you’re on the go and aren’t able to take out your phone for this purpose, you might end up losing that inspirational idea of yours. With a smartwatch at your disposal, you can use virtual assistants like Google Assistant on the Android Wear to quickly note down your idea. You can also use apps like OneNote for the purpose.

  • Manage tasks using To-dos:

We still remember the time when smartphones eliminated the need to carry pieces of paper to note down your tasks. But as the world progressed, something even more modern has come up to further streamline the process of managing tasks. You can use your smartwatch to note down important tasks and mark them as completed as you deal with them, all without having to take out your phone from the pocket. 

  • Communicate when your hands are busy:

Of course, smartwatches can’t beat smartphones when it comes to conventional text messaging. But consider the situations when you’re in a meeting and you get an important message which you need to reply to, as soon as possible. As you can’t take out your phone from the pocket, you can send a quick reply to the message using preprogrammed phrases. This feature is available on several modern smartwatches including the Apple Watch.

  • Get useful reminders:

Having the convenience of receiving useful reminders on your wrist saves you from the nightmare of missing them because you didn’t your phone vibrating inside your pocket or bag. As these business reminders are important and are crucial for a thriving business, a smartwatch will help you never miss them again.



Smartwatches are one of the modern pieces of tech that are gaining popularity day by day. Alongside helping individuals in their daily lives, they help businessmen and entrepreneurs in taking their business to the next levels of success. As now you’ve learned how smartwatches can help businessmen and entrepreneurs, it’s probably the time for you to go out there and get a smartwatch for yourself! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

10 Tips Every Smartwatch Owner Should Know

10 Tips Every Smartwatch Owner Should Know


Smartwatches are one of the modern pieces of tech which aren’t absolutely necessary to have but can certainly put some extra ease-of-life up your sleeves. Having a smartwatch in the fast-paced world of today can boost your productivity and can also make your everyday life easier by making some quick smartphone features available right on your wrist. 

If you were somehow convinced to get your hands on one of these smartwatches for yourself, and you did, we have some handy tips and tricks for you to use your smartwatch like a pro. Keep reading and in the next few minutes, you’re going to learn 10 tips every smartwatch owner should know.

1. Set a photo as a watch face:

The watch face of your smartwatch is its main screen when you fire it up. To personalize your smartwatch and make it “yours”, you can set a photo of yourself, your spouse, your children, your pet, your favorite vacation spot, or anything else that brings a smile on your face as the watch face of your smartwatch. This feature is available on many of the smartwatches available out there including Apple Watches.

2. Activate the touch bezel on your Galaxy Watch Active 2:

If you have ended up with the latest and greatest offering from Samsung, i.e., the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, you might have heard of its touch bezel feature. It might even be one of the major factors when you were considering to purchase it. Well then, the touch bezel feature isn’t enabled by default and you’d have to hop into the settings to activate it. To enable the feature, open the settings menu and scroll down to Advanced Settings. Once there, find and enable the option “Touch Bezel”. Now you can control the interface of your watch by swiping your finger on the outer black border of your watch’s screen. 

3. Listen to music:

One of the handy little features of a smartwatch is that you don’t have to keep interacting with 10 Tips Every Smartwatch Owner Should Knowyour phone to stream through the music. You can use that little gadget on your wrist to perform all the basic music-related functions that you’d normally have to do on your phone. For example, you can skip Spotify tracks and adjust the volume on the go.

4.Track your workouts:

One of the major reasons why people even consider a smartwatch in the first place is to track their fitness and workouts. Nearly all of the fitness-focused modern smartwatches out there would come with a workout tracking app out of the box. Using this app, you can track all your workout activities like running, jogging, weightlifting, sleep tracking (if supported by your watch), biking, and more! The record for these activities is then stored for later uses as well.10 Tips Every Smartwatch Owner Should Know

5. Managing notifications:

One of our favorite and probably one of the most useful features of a smartwatch is notifications management. You can imagine the situations when you were in a gathering and your phone got a notification. Now, you’d have to ignore the people around you for a brief couple of minutes, take out the phone, and find out that the notification wasn’t important in the first place. Pretty embarrassing, right? Well, set up your smartwatch with your smartphone and all your phone’s notifications will pop up right on your smartwatch. That means you can check and validate the importance of notifications right on your wrist. Then, it’s on you to decide if you want to take out your phone or no.

6. Eject water from Apple Watch after a swim:

Apple Watches and many of the other modern smartwatches out there come with a waterproof rating. That doesn’t mean the water can’t get inside and cause temporary muffling of the speaker’s sound. Lucky for you, your shiny Apple Watch comes with a feature that can help you eject water from it after you’re done swimming. To do this, swipe on your Apple Watch to access the control center and then click on the little water droplet icon to initiate the process.

7. Customize the watch face of your Samsung Watch Active 2 with My Style:

One of the newer features of your brand new Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the My Style app. This application lets you customize the watch face of your smartwatch to exactly match your style. You can even set the background to a color that matches your outfit! So, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing blue, yellow, pink, or any other color, you can set your smartwatch’s watch face to match your outfit and boost your style.

8. Take photos with your smartwatch:

If your smartwatch has a camera, you can use it to take quick pictures of things that are too quick to be captured on your phone by having to take it out first. However, if your smartwatch doesn’t come with a camera, like the Apple Watch, you can use it as a remote control to take photos with your iPhone. Why you’d want to do that you ask? Well, that’s useful for taking landscape photos of you and your partner by placing the phone on a tripod and capturing photos with your smartwatch.

9. Manage widgets:

Widgets are different from apps in the sense that they can appear right on the home screen of your smartwatch and present useful information without having to launch an app. However, some widgets might feel over-the-top and you wouldn’t need them due to personal preferences. Lucky for you, the majority of the smartwatches out there let you customize the widgets on your smartwatch quite easily. You can also reorder them and place them in order of your choice. To do this, open the home page of your smartwatch and remove any widgets that you don’t want with the tiny remove icon. Similarly, you can add more widgets by tapping on the add icon.

10 Tips Every Smartwatch Owner Should Know

10. Get time reminders without looking:

While it’s obvious that it’s not hard to look down on your wrist to check the time, it’s indeed helpful if your watch could give you a handy reminder for every passing hour. Many of the modern smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, can send you notifications after every hour. To enable this feature on your Apple Watch, tap on the clock and then select “Chimes”. Select “Sound” and then select any one of the two available sound options. You can also set it so that instead of a sound, your watch notifies you with haptic feedback. 

There you go, these handy usability tips should help you use your smartwatch like a pro and get the most out of it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.


Why Does Your Kid Need a Smartwatch? - Happy boy with the headphones

Why Does Your Kid Need a Smartwatch?


Smartwatches have various useful features for people of all ages. With the latest iterations of modern smartwatches, kids are also receiving great advantages. There are a lot of reasons why does your kid need a smartwatch. In the next few minutes of reading this article, you’re going to learn everything you’d need to know about how smartwatches are advantageous for kids and their parents as well. Plus, we’re going to have a look at some popular smartwatches for kids available on the market. 

The people of the modern world heavily rely on technology for their progression. People who take full advantage of modern technology are destined to be more successful and productive than the ones who don’t. Alongside smartphones, which are one of the important components of a solid productivity backbone, smartwatches are being recognized as another component of the same backbone. 

Having the desired smartwatch to go with the smartphone of your pick is quickly becoming a modern trend. When smartwatches were first introduced, they weren’t as useful and mature as they’re now. They used to have limited functionality and not-so-cool designs. But now, they have been becoming very useful and reliable for the customers for various functions. Plus, a well-rounded smartwatch looks great and is certainly compliant with modern fashion trends.

Benefits of using smartwatches:

Of course, you’d need to know about all the benefits and perks of something before you go and throw your money at it. That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss, so keep reading.

Peace of mind for the parents:

Not having enough track record of your kid is one of the bigger concerns of parents about their children. They’re not able to tell where their kids have been or how much physical activity they’ve been having. Well, that’s not the case if you put a handy little smartwatch on your kid’s wrist. Many of the smartwatches come with a GPS built-in. It can be used to keep a record of your kid’s location for his safety and your peace of mind. Moreover, you can keep a record of how much physical activity your kid has been doing and make them adjust accordingly. 

Why Does Your Kid Need a Smartwatch? - man and woman carrying toddler

You can also use smartwatches to communicate with your kids through calls, SMS, and instant text messages. That means you’ll stay in touch with them 24/7, granting you that ultimate peace of mind you’ve been looking for. 

Parental controls:

One the bigger concern of parents when they give a piece of technology to their kids is that the kids may wander in such areas of the internet where they shouldn’t. They may have easy access to pornography and can easily make purchases using your card. Parental controls eliminate such concerns from the list as they allow you to restrict how your kids use that piece of technology. 

The type of parental controls that come with smartwatches for kids may vary from device to device, but the most common ones include usage limits, internet restrictions, purchase restrictions, and accessible contacts. 

Kids’ productivity:

The majority of the kids, especially the ones with high intellect levels, can use smartwatches to up their life game and be more productive in the routines and studies. A responsible kid will be able to keep a record of his physical activity and will also be able to use the smartwatch for quick communication with important personnel, like their parents and teachers. He can achieve better goals in his studies and can be physically fitter. Here are some apps that can increase the productivity of your kid.

Fashion trend:

Alongside being productive and responsible, being stylish and living up to the modern fashion trends is somewhat equally important. As smartwatches are becoming one of such rising trends, it’s not hard to say that a smartwatch will add to your kid’s and your own glamour. Being up-to-date with fashion trends also helps your kid in being emotionally and socially more confident. Being confident is one the most important keys to being a successful human being in the long run, so a smartwatch for your kid shouldn’t be a tough choice for you. Why Does Your Kid Need - happy girl with a smartwatcha Smartwatch?

Socially well-mannered:

One of the more itch-mannered things to do while being in a public gathering or a meeting is to take out your phone and start looking at it. This one doesn’t especially apply to the kids, but it indeed does to the parents. Checking your phone in public gatherings is kinda rude, but who knows, it may be very important as well. Well. smartwatches are here to rescue. When you have a smartwatch on your wrist, you won’t have to take out your phone every time your phone makes a sound or vibrates. With a quick glance at your wrist, you can find all the information about the importance of the notification and decide if you want to take it out of your pocket. 

Health tracking:

One of the prominent features of smartwatches, both for kids and for the parents, is health tracking. Everybody could use a piece of tech on their wrist to keep track of their health and physical activity and make proper amends for a better physical life. 

What are the best smartwatches for kids?

As now you’re familiar with how smartwatches for kids could be a great idea, let’s have a look at some popular smartwatch options available on the market.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2:

With over 2000 reviews on a single seller on Amazon, this smartwatch for kids makes one popular of a choice. It comes with 2 different cameras at different angles for a complete camera experience. It’s splash-proof, hence, regular splashes of water and sweat won’t cause any damage to the smartwatch. It also comes with health tracking and parental control features. It comes in for just around $55 for a well-rounded kids’ smartwatch option.

HuaWise Kids Smartwatch:

It’s one of the popular choices on Amazon when it comes to kids’ smartwatches. It comes with two-way calling and an SOS functionality which quickly calls the parents with the press of a button. It comes with 7 built-in learning games which can boost your kid’s knowledge and entertain him at the same time. It comes in 6 different colors and costs just around $25.

Kids Game Smart Watch Phone:

Another one of the popular options on Amazon, with a not-so-prominent name. It comes with a 1.54” touch screen and also comes with a built-in camera. SOS calling for emergency situations is also a handy feature of this watch. Other basic features like an alarm clock, games, phone book, calculator, and more are also available. With an affordable price tag of around $35, it makes a popular choice for all the kids out there. 

Check some of the best smartwatches and activity trackers for kid:

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about smartwatches for kids, or you want to leave your personal review, leave a comment below.


Smartwatch: The Perfect Smart Gift for your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Smartwatch: The Perfect Gift for your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Exchanging gifts with your loved one is one of the best ways to represent your love for them. There could be countless occasions suitable to get a lovely and memorable gift for your loved one. For these kinds of occasions, it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect gift for your perfect partner. Choosing a gift that is both, useful and fashionable is a tough job keeping the modern fashion and techy trends of the year 2020 in mind. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here. Let’s discuss smartwatches, one of the best modern and smart gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Keep reading and you’re going to learn why a smartwatch should be your gift of choice. Plus, in the end, we have also compiled a handy list of the best smartwatch choices available on Amazon.

Finding the perfect gift your boyfriend/girlfriend is a tough job:

We are living in the modern era of the year 2020. Life nowadays is very fast-paced and modern. When you’re trying to find a gift for your loved one, it’s tough to find the one which would be useful, beautiful, and would also go with the modern trends of the time. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to want something that’d stay close to them to remind them of your love and affection. Finding all these qualities wouldn’t be easier, but it’s certainly worth it to hunt for something like that.

Smartwatches are the way to go in the “smart era”:

When smartwatches were introduced to the masses, they only caught the attention of tech enthusiasts as people thought smartwatches don’t have enough uses in the first place. But as the years progressed, smartwatches have gained many, many life-soothing features, plus they have become a modern fashion trend. Having a trendy smartwatch on your wrist grants you the social status of being up-to-date with the world. Plus, smartwatches make lives easier by providing the basic smartphone features right on your wrist. You won’t have to take out your phone from your pocket to check a notification. This feature is especially useful in meetings where you’re maybe not allowed to take out and look at your phone, or in a family/friends gathering where it’s against social etiquettes to ignore the people and be looking at the phone.Smartwatch: The Perfect Smart Gift for your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Considering the trend and smartwatches’ uses, a smartwatch has everything that you’d be looking for in a modern gift.

The best smartwatches available to you on Amazon:

Now, as you’re familiar with the fact that a smartwatch should be your next gift of choice for your loved one, you might be looking for some options that’d be perfect for your liking. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry, as we also have a couple of cheap smartwatches on the list. If you’re concerned with the money and want the best of the best, we got you here as well.

The best of the best - Apple Watch Series 5:

If your partner is deeply indulged in the Apple ecosystem, Apple Watch 5 is the obvious choice for them. Considering the fact that iPhones don’t work Android smartwatches, you’re left with no other choice if you’re partner is an iPhone user. But if you’re not on a limited budget, Apple Watch 5, being the only option is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s hands-down one of the best smartwatch options out there.

Smartwatch: The Perfect Smart Gift for your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Apple Watches have been considered the dominant king of the smartwatch market for some years now. It’s occurred only recently that the Android competitors have started to catch up.

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a long-awaited always-on display. The likes of a built-in GPS and a cellular-enabled option are also available. It comes in two sizes, making it convenient for you to not worry about its fit on your partner’s wrist. Series 5 comes with twice the storage when compared to the previous models, i.e., 32GB. It also comes with ECG enabled at launch.


The top offering from the Android side - Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2:

If your partner lives in the Android world and loves living in there and you’re not on a budget, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 could be your top pick as it’s one of the best Android smartwatches for men and women. It can easily compete with the likes of Apple Watch 5 with not so many comprises, and some pros of its own!

Being based on the Android operating system, it works with tons of Android phones available on the market. But, it doesn’t stop there. It also works with iPhones, blowing Apple out of the water in the versatility department.

Samsung has always been praised for its bright and vivid displays. And the display of Active 2 is no exception. It comes with a colorful and lovely-to-look-at display to boost your viewing experience. It also comes with GPS, workout tracking, and a cellular-enable option. To make things unique and a bit spicy, it comes with an innovative touch bezel, making the system navigation experience bliss. Just like the Apple Watch 5, it comes in two sizes for that perfect fit for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

A cheaper alternative - Letsfit smartwatch:

Let’s face it, the top offerings from Apple and Samsung aren’t very affordable and you may be one of the people who can’t afford to spend more than $300 for a smartwatch gift. Well, in that case, you might be looking for some cheap smartwatches which won’t break your bank. 

Letsfit is one of these affordable smartwatches for women and men. It comes in for just around $35 and offers some nifty features. First of all, it has basic notification displaying capabilities. It displays notifications from all your standard apps including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also reject incoming calls right from your Letsfit watch. You can also control music and track your health activities with this affordable smartwatch for men and women. 

The middle ground - Fitbit Versa Lite Edition:

If your budget lies somewhere in the middle of around $150, you might be pleased to know we haven’t forgotten about you. Fitbit Versa Lite Edition has it all when it comes to basic smartwatch functionality. It can display notifications from all your favorite apps and you can also send quick replies from it. It can connect with the GPS from your phone and display accurate steps information for your workouts. Overall, Fitbit Versa Lite Edition is the perfect middle ground for everyone who’s looking for a modern gift for their boyfriend/girlfriend and is on a budget of around $150.

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