Importance of being active – motivate yourself with fitness tracker

Importance Of Being Active – Motivate Yourself With Fitness Tracker

Why do we need to stay active?

The tale of physical fitness or staying active is not new to our ears. The importance and understanding of physical activity and fitness has grown exponentially over the past few years. It goes without saying that this concept of incorporating physical activity in our daily lives has volumes and volumes of physical, mental, and even social benefits. Thus, the importance of being active cannot be undermined.Importance Of Being Active


Physical activity is the modern superhero.

It doesn’t come to our rescue when the villain is doing the deed, in fact it makes sure that all villains are taken care of even before they arrive at the scene. Having said that, the villains of the modern society are not Darth Vader or the Joker. These villains are depression, stress, strokes, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some certain types of cancers.

Benefits of regular activity

There are heaps of credible scientifically proven evidence to back the importance of physical activity. Regular activity strengthens our heart so that the magic of pumping blood happens as effortlessly as possible, enabling us to do daily activities in the best of manners. Staying active also regulates blood sugar levels and increases metabolism. Physical activity is also a savior when it comes to muscle pain and tightness. Most of the time we feel a sense of stiffness around the chest or shoulders, which also is a cause of pain and discomfort, yet again our superhero makes sure we do not have to go through such problems.


Importance Of Being Active


The charm of activity does not end at simply strengthening the organs, it also happens at a mental level. People who stay active have reported massive sense of comfort and happiness. The fact that these people are able to invest in their well being also gives an enormous feeling of satisfaction and positive energy. Higher level of physical activity sharpens memory and helps people sleep well which in turn brings about an even greater standard of productivity. Along with this, physical activity also positively impacts mood and stress levels. It is also reported that exercise acts like an antidepressant and has considerably reduced stress levels for people who do it consistently.

Most of us struggle with either weight gain, laziness or lack of fitness and energy, all these can also be fought with a daily activity as simple as a thirty-minute walk. Plus, the added bonus of a healthy-looking physique, that is slim and trim, automatically becomes a plus.


Importance Of Being Active


How can fitness trackers and android smartwatches help?

Where we have established the importance of being active and fitness, the biggest problem here is not the lack of awareness, but the lack of motivation. The extremely arduous task of telling ourselves to break the barrier of our comfort zones and putting ourselves out there, is by far the greatest challenge faced by this generation.

This is where our second superhero enters the scene. Drumroll. Smartwatches and fitness trackers!

Yes, smartwatches and fitness trackers are to physical activity what Robin is to Batman! This dynamic duo can do wonders when put together. Who would have thought that technology could also act as a vital factor in helping us become healthier humans. Now this might not make sense to most people, but it is true that devices like Apple Watches, Fitbits and Garmins are helping people stay active every day.

Keeping up the motivation

A small device worn on our wrist helps us keep track of the number of steps we have walked, and the distance we have covered. These smart devices and watches collect data while we are running, swimming, cycling or doing any other physical activity. These best android smartwatches and fitness trackers keep up the motivation by gamifying the entire activity experience for us. The devices display our personalized data every day which in turn helps us do better the next day. Thus, the most amazing thing about these smartwatches, Fitbits and Garmins is the fact that they motivate us to be in competition with ourselves every single day. One day the Fitbit shows a certain number of steps walked and a certain number of calories burnt, automatically the next day the user would try to beat the previous day’s numbers. Thus, every day the user looks up to themselves to do better. In addition to this, fitness trackers and android smart watches also monitor sleep and sleeping patterns to make them better, further impacting physical health in a positive manner.

The daily motivation through these best android smartwatches and fitness trackers comes about by holding us accountable once we fail to meet our daily goals which again is a great benefit. We can also share progress with friends and family to create an environment of a healthy competition.

The market these days has great products like Fitbit Versa 2, Garmin Vivoactive 4, MoovNow and some other android smartwatches. Where the prices may vary, and might be a deciding factor for buying, the most important factor is what suits us best for our individual needs.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about Fitness Trackers or Smartwatches, leave a comment below.

Fitness Tracker

Sleep Tracker Watch - Benefits of Sleep Tracking

With smart technology, our lives have become easier, fast and efficient. We have smartphones, fitness bands, and smart medical apparatus to analyze our body with no damage to tissues.

Out of all these smart technologies, we have sleep trackers that can track your sleep and help you manage the time you relax.

Whatever activities we do, our body requires a complete rest to work properly. And if there’s no relaxation for quite long, the body performance starts to decay.

Benefits of Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking helps you in a number of ways. Here are some of them:

  • Firstly, you can analyze and manage when you want to go to bed and when you get up. The helps you visualize your sleep schedule and so you find a regular pattern with your sleep.
  • Most of the sleep trackers have accelerometer that can measure your movement during your sleep. With those measurements, you can learn about your behavior and take measures accordingly.
  • Next, we have heart rate measurements which give an insight on how good is your blood flow throughout the time you sleep. This sort of measurement saves your time of monthly blood flow checkups to know your heart health.

Here are some of the best sleep trackers available in the market right now:

#1. Withings Move

Starting with Withings Move, it is one of the latest addition to their sleep trackers.

It features a claimed 18-months battery life which is too much for a watch that can track your sleep accurately.

Withings has been serving the market for years and the Move series is something that deserves a round of applause. There’s no difficult pattern to analyze your sleep, you just receive a sleep score out of 100 in the morning and based on how long you were sleeping.

Also, you learn about how many times you woke up at night. The only demerit here Withings’ Move is that it doesn’t track your heart rate during sleep.

Available on Amazon 

#2. Fitbit Versa

In the world of fitness trackers and smart tech, Fitbit has created a whole new buzz. Their Versa features a rounded design and has an extra long battery life that will last more than 4 days.

About performance, it has gyroscope and optical heart rate sensor for sleep tracking. This way, you get to see accurate results from start to finish. As you check Fitbit app after a relaxing sleep, you won’t just find the duration of your sleep but the different sleep stages you went through.

The sleep is analyzed with light, REM and deep measurements which is good if you’re taking a course on health. Lastly about price, Fitbit costs about €177.00 and is available in a variety of models.

Available on Amazon

#3. Oura Ring

Similar to sleep tracking watches, Oura Ring is a tracker that would live on your finger. It is a gadget for minimalistic tech loves.

About the data it offers, Oura is focused on the overall body wellness and particularly sleep. You can come up with a simple sleep score every day, and as you get into more stats, we’ll find out all kinds of information about the quality of sleep you received.

Oura claims its ring to be the most accurate sleep tracker of all time and it is available at a price tag of about €314.00. If you don’t like to wear a watch throughout your sleep, Oura Ring is the right option for you.

Available on official Oura Ring page

#4. Fitbit Alta HR

Again, we have a sleep tracker from Fitbit and this time, it is a bit affordable and has a lightweight design.

There are just a few apps, features and activity trackers available but as compared to the size, it still features an impressive seven-day battery life of 7 days.

About the stats, you receive a detailed breakdown of your sleep with specifications on age and gender. In addition to sleep tracking, you can track distance, calories burned, active minutes and steps you walked.

The thing that made Alta HR a success was its thinner design that stays unnoticed when you’re in bed. As a conclusion, if you’re looking for a tracker that is not fancy, go for it as it is lightweight and stays unnoticed throughout the sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this post ond if you have any questions about Sleep Trackers, or you want to leave your personal review, leave a comment below.

Available on Amazon

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 Review

  • Product: Apple Watch Series 5
  • Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Apple has been crafting gadgets that are of pure quality and its 5th edition to the Watch series is an excellent example of it.

Here’s an overview of what Apple Watch Series 5 offers:

#1. Design

The watch is designed is such a way that it can be a full-time partner for everyone. Whether you’re an athlete, a college dude or a professional, this watch has flexible options over design. Apple Watch Series 5 Review

It is crafted with four different materials aluminum, titanium, and ceramic; choose the one that suits your color choice!

Additionally, the watch has a sleek and durable design which can be customized right from the official product page.

#2. Easy Connectivity

After the design, the thing that inspires everyone is its range to stay connected with your phone. As you connect it with your phone, you no longer require it; call, text and listen to music with a built-in easy interface.

About music, you have access to 50 million songs (from iTunes), search your favorites and keep on!

#3. Electrical & Optical heart Sensors

This smart gadget can keep an eye on heart rate, check your heart rhythm and notify you when necessary measures are needed.

Both electrical and optical sensors are there and you can check details right from the ECG app.

Other features:

  • GPS: It has an accurate GPS system installed to help you stay connected to your place; no matter wherever you go!
  • Swimproof: Planning a swim party? Or going to take a shower? Go for it, Apple has got you covered with waterproof tech.
  • 30% larger screen: the 5th edition of this great series features a 30% larger screen to manage your stuff like a BOSS! Also, it features an Always-on Retina display that never lets your watch sleep.

The Bottom Line

Whatever Apple product you consider, quality and creativity are the two common features present. For the Apple Watch Series 5, we get to see a well-engineered gadget to help you with your daily needs.

Amazon has the best deals on this smartwatch. I hope you enjoyed this review ond if you have any questions about Apple Watch Series 5, or you want to leave your personal review, leave a comment below.

If you’ve made up your mind, here’s a link to Apple’s masterpiece!


Best Andriod Smartwatches For Women

The Best Android Smartwatches For Women

I believe you will agree with me that smartphones are not all you need to enjoy a smart life. They are great I know but they can't be within reach at all times, that why substitute devices are needed. One of such devices is the smartwatch. A smartwatch could simply be referred to as a watch with an inbuilt OS. It is very portable, less costly, efficient and the right company for your jogging session. Because of how great these watches are and their increasing number in the Market, I have taught it wise to bring to you the best 5 Android smartwatches currently available for women.

The Best Android Smartwatches For Women

Example of the best Android smartwatches currently available for womenThe Best Android Smartwatches For Women

1. Pebble Time Round.

2. Amazfit Bip Best Cheap Smartwatch for Women.

3. Fitbit Versa Best Smartwatch for Women for Sports.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Rose Gold Best Android Smartwatch for Women.

5. UMIDIGI uwatch gt

Pebble Time Round Best Compact Smartwatch for Women

This is a thin and almost weightless waterproof watch. This watch is compatible with both Android and iPhone. It is as thick as 1/3 of an apple watch so is better suited for a thin wrist. Its strap is made of pure leather. Its body is made of stainless-steel Marine Grade. This watch can be used as far down as 1m in water and it doesn’t really conduct heat. Animation in this watch is smooth and so, there are no delays at all. This watch has a powerful battery, which can last up to 2 days without recharging, but sometimes this time increases to 3 days, depending on use. It takes only 15 minutes to charge!

Price: €147.51


1. It has a thin body i.e about 7.5 mm.

2. Quick charge.

3. IPX7 standard waterproof

4.  Multiple applications.

Amazfit Bip Best Cheap Smartwatch for Women

This square shaped smartwatch has the longest battery life of any of the other smartwatches on this list. It supports GPS and if you compare Amazfit Bip and Apple Watch, then you will notice that they are similar to each other; a small square touch dial, single mechanical control button with a strap. It has a rounded Gorilla Glass 3 screen with an oleophobic coating, installed on top of the display.

Its body is made of scratch-resistant plastic. This watch comes in 4 different colors: black, white, orange and dark green.

This watch has an activity tracker that very accurately determines the number of steps taken and monitors the body’s state during sleep. It does this without third-party applications, has synchronization with Apple HealthKit and integrates into most dials.

Price: €69.00


1. It uses GPS and GLONASS.

2. It is P68 rated waterproof.

3. This watch tracks activity and has heart rate monitor.

4. Sports fashion design.

5. It receives notifications sent from a smartphone

Fitbit Versa Best Smartwatch for Women for Sports

It won't be wrong if is classify this watch as the best smartwatch for women. This watch comes with an activity tracker and inbuilt spaces so with it, you can store music for listening offline, track your workouts and it can last for several days without recharging. Its beautiful touch screen is small but bright and highly detailed. This watch has nice colors and the visibility in the outside is excellent. Since it comes with an LCD panel instead of OLED, there is no ‘Always on Display’ function, unless you are tracking exercise.The Best Android Smartwatches For Women

It comes in several color options; including pink. One of its pros is that replacing its strap does not require any special tools, but it is a rather painstaking process.

This watch comes with aluminum casen and its screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Its Posterior part is slightly convex, to ensure a better fit of the heart rate monitor to the skin without the need to tighten the strap.

Price: €144.79


1. It comes with more than 15 exercise modes.

2. Fast charge to 100%..

3. It has Female specific health function.

4. It can download and listen to over 300 songs.

5. This watch is able to use contactless pay.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Rose Gold Best Android Smartwatch for Women.

As we all know, Samsung doesn't disappoint. This round head Samsung watch was built to have the design of a classic round mechanical watch, and is complemented by a bezel -a swivel ring around the dial. Its swivel rim is very convenient; with its help you control the women smart watch. This watch is ribbed, so there are no accidentally interferences, even if you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt and quickly move your arms while walking.

On its right side, are two side buttons which you use for the necessary functions. Its swivel ring can be used, when a call appears on the menu to answer or decline it.

Its latest software upgrade, added a ticking sound for the clock’s second hand (you can turn it off if you wish), this creates a complete illusion that you have a normal watch. This watch has a full variety of dials and settings, but more on that later, for now, let’s focus on the screen.

Its glass screen is resistant to everyday scratches. So it is very difficult to damage. Pictures on this watch look bright and clear. Its screen sensitivity can be increased in the menu, so you can operate it even with gloves.

This watch supportd AlwaysOn Display function meaning that the screen can operate continuously. Its battery works really great, after a full charge, you can get 2days of uninterrupted use.

Price: €246.89


1. It can send messages.

2. It has Samsung Health app which collects health data.

3. It has the ability to answer calls.

 UMIDIGI uwatch gt

This watch has a full touch color screen, with the newest IPS high resolution display. It is easy control with the sensitive touch screen. This watch is a 5ATM waterproof fitness tracker. With this feature, you can wear it when swimming. It comes with a super large battery,one full charge can support 10-15 days of usage. Its movement tracking and health management feature display steps calorie distance, heart rate pace and time duration. It is a smart Watch which receives alerts from calls, SMS, email, calendar, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Price: €59.99


1. It is 5ATM waterproof.

2. It provides sedentary Reminders.

3. It has a heart Rata Monitor.

4. It gives weather forcast.

5. It notifies its users of Call / message.

6. It is an alarm clock.

Fitness-Tracker – Everything-You-Need-To-Know!

Fitness Tracker - Everything You Need To Know

Smart technology has evolved everything, right now a watch on your wrist can track your fitness, health and monitor your body performances on-time.

We call those gadgets as fitness trackers as they are an all-in-one package for your fitness and body performance.

Smartphone companies have started manufacturing these gadgets, too with each series they launch.

Here are a number of brands available with starting prices:

Fitness Tracker Brands available with starting prices

#1. Fitbit

Fitbit is a brand that focuses on activity tracking and products to turn you into a fitness freak.

They have smartwatches, fitness and exercise trackers with integrated apps that showcase your body performance every day.

Their fitness trackers start from $60 to onwards. There are several series linked with Fitbit technology and Inspire series is making waves across the market.Fitness Tracker Everything You Need To Know

                                                 Experience more

#2. Garmin

Just like Fitbit, we have another manufacturer that focuses on seasonal freaks. Most of their fitness trackers feature a slim design, long-lasting battery, and durable construction.

About price, it ranges from $84 onwards and their Vivosmart 4 is what experts recommend.

The only limitation with most of the Garmin fitness trackers is that they feature a small screen with no GPS availability. On the same end, their products are waterproof, have activity tracking enabled and are compatible with Android/iOS.  Fitness Tracker Everything You Need To Know

Experience more

#3. Huawei

On the third spot, we have Huawei that has already earned a name in the smartphone industry.

Huawei’s fitness trackers offer great battery life, have extended screen sizes, compatibility with Android/iOS and are waterproof, too.

Out of all these fitness trackers, we have Huawei Band 3 Pro and offers style and substance on the budget. It has 14 days standby battery life, GPS enabled and is waterproof, too. Fitness Tracker Everything You Need To Know

Experience more

#4. Xiaomi

Yes, Xiaomi is not only the smartphone company, they are also manufacturing fitness trackers, too!

The best part of their fitness trackers is their touchscreen that turns it into a little smartphone. The 20-days or more battery life is usual for Xiaomi’s crafts.

About the price, it starts from $32 to onwards which is comparatively very low. The only limitation with Xiaomi’s fitness trackers is that they don’t feature a GPS and so there’s no auto-tracking out there.

Overall, each fitness tracker is durable and feature classy designs; loved by fitness freaks the most! Fitness Tracker Everything You Need To Know

Experience more

How a Fitness Tracker can make your life easier?

Well, the question may go more in-depth but here is how fitness trackers can make your life easier:

Monitors your steps

Starting with walking as;

“Walking is the only way to help you LIVE longer!”

Fitness trackers can monitor your steps, track every movement you make; no matter where you go.

Fitness trackers have GPS integrated to give you an overview of the distance you’ve walked. This way, you can overview the steps you take every day and align yourselves to the figures your fitness coach has suggested:

Calories burned

Next, we have calorie-burning features to know how many calories you have burned so far. The systems are very intelligent and they can track your practice routines precisely.

The calorie-burning feature can also help you in achieving your body weight goals as you can exercise and track!

Kilometers traveled

Well, the ‘kilometers traveled’ is only for GPS enabled trackers but it is good for the ones that like to walk.

Move, move and as you look at the stats, you’ll have the distance you traveled calculated in kilometers:

Heart rate watch

Heart rate watch is important to find how greatly the blood is being circulated. Each fitness tracker has trackers at the bottom to find out heart rate through veins. It has helped everyone from young to adults as you can monitor your heart rate instantly and take on-time measures!

Sleep recording

Good sleep is needed to keep you productive, right?

Fitness trackers can help you schedule your sleep time and bless yourself with a productive mind.

As soon as you stop working after the evening, the system starts recording time as if you are sleeping. Later as you wake up and start using your fitness friend, it calculates the time you were inactive as the sleep time.

This way, you can record your sleep, improve your sleeping routine and rock throughout the day!

Intelligent notification reminder

Got an important meeting ahead?

No need to look to put your phone on a reminder as the gadget on your wrist can notify you earlier.

Quality fitness trackers have intelligent notification reminders to remind you at regular intervals. Let’s explain it with an example;

Consider you have a meeting at 9:00 PM, the intelligent reminder will remind you a night before and as you wake up, there will be notifications half an hour before. This way, there are no delays for any of your important events coming ahead.

Concluding the overall discussion, a fitness tracker is what you require.

Best Smartwatch For Men

Top Smart Watches For Men

Technology has made a lot of improvements and it has resulted in a variety of tiny machines. Smartwatches are one of those

tiny machines that reside on your wrist to connect with your phone and offer multiple features.

From day #1; when the first smartwatch was made to the public, every other smartphone company came up with their own


As a result, we got several smartwatches with different price ranges in the market and making choices became difficult.

Here are some of the top smartwatches for men that look classy and have some

of the best features out there:

#1. Samsung Galaxy Watch:

With the tagline ‘stay connected longer’, Samsung galaxy watch is a gateway to connect with the world around you.

Starting with the design, you get to see a variety of watchlvor ml faces in a circular dial. The themes are designMidnighted precisely; hand shadowing and sound give you the feel of a real watch.

The size ranges from 42mm to 46mm with Black, Rose Gold and Silver models. Here are some features that make it a constant companion:

True Hands-free:

The first and foremost thing, you get overall freedom with Galaxy Watch 5. It directly connects with your smartphone, allowing you to receive calls and check messages even when your phone is out of arm’s reach; making it convenient for traveling.

Music goes with you:

After the hands-free factor, Samsung’s craft features online music playing or connecting with your wireless earbuds free. With that flexible connectivity, you no longer need to take out your phone for music streaming specifically when you’re out for a jog.

Excellent Battery Life:

Samsung explains the watch battery with this; ‘give your charger a rest some nights’ as it offers a long-lasting battery life on a single charge.

Other Benefits:

Other than these simple yet effective features; you are presented with a number of benefits. These include:

    • measuring heart rate
    • Exercise tracking
    • Sleep tracking
    • Monitoring stress levels
    • Water-resistance up to 50 meters

More about the product

#2. Apple Watch 5

When it comes to Apple, the first thing that comes along is the top-notch design and specification.

Starting with its always-on retina display, the screen is always there to watch time. The dials (the way you want to watch time) are easily customizable and you can go with either analog dials or the digital ones.

Here are a number of features that make it a must-buy gadget;

Enhanced memory:

With Apple’s watch 5, you get an ultimate 32GB of onboard storage.

Multiplexed Performance:

Unlike its predecessor watch 4 that had minimal performance issues, it is packed with a new processor, called S5 which enhances efficiency and speed during the operating time throughout.

Long Battery Life:

Just like a traditional watch battery that lasts for days, Apple’s craft has extra-long battery life. An S5 chip is integrated which saves more battery on the go.

Easy Outdoor Usage:

We as men usually look for a smartwatch that is good for outdoor usage. How about a gadget that can detect changes in elevation (including the meters you have climbed or descended)?

Apple Watch 5 is there to track. Similarly, it can tell you how far you are above or below the sea level which is good for tracking on hikes and seeing exactly what you’ve achieved.

That’s all about Apple Watch Series 5;

More about the product

#3. Fossil Digital  Smart Watch

Fossil Digital is a perfect choice for fitness lovers and enthusiasts. The most unique feature here is an integrated Google Assistant which lets you take actions just by voice.

About storage, you get a 4GB memory here with a WearOS installed. It has been a top seller for long; here is an overview of three features that made it a fine choice for the gym, fitness freaks and sportsmen:

Battery Life:

Just like other Samsung smartwatches, Fossil Sports features a days-long battery to keep you active for some great time.

Water Resistance:

Next, we have the swim-proof factor that makes it a fine choice for swimmers and the divers.


This is what TechRadar suggests; it has the most powerful chipset out there in Samsung smartwatch range.


Lastly, we have productivity as a factor that decides its use during the game or at work. It is lightweight, comfortable on the wrist and the interface is very catchy to make its use interesting.

More about the product

#4. TicWatch Pro

Lastly, we have TicWatch Pro which can be your next go-to fitness and swimming companion. The smartwatch is officially supported by Google’s WearOS and tracks your activities with accuracy.

It has built-in GPS and offers a 2-day battery life (for normal usage). It is packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear and is well-engineered to work underwater. There are already built-in proactive sports modes to help you track your performance. Lastly, it has a sleep tracker to share details on your sleep quality.

More about the product

Choosing the Best Smart Watch For Men - What to Consider?

We have already discussed the top smartwatches for men, and when it comes to making choices, we go for some research, look out for reviews and find how the watch is working at a customer’s end.

Here’s what experts look for when they are choosing a smartphone:

  • Performance: Whether it is a smartphone or a smartwatch, performance is what we require. Analyze the hardware specifications once and move on to the next factor:
  • Battery Life: You have to keep your watch on the wrist to receive calls, check notifications, time, etc but it requires a good battery life to stay active, right? Make sure the watch you choose has a maximized battery capacity:
  • Interface/OS: The operating system that a smartwatch uses is what that decides its functionality. Make sure that the smartwatch you choose has a verified operating system so that you have no issues with interface and functionality later on.

That’s it, with these three factors in consideration, you can find a smartwatch that is a perfect partner for your manhood and outdoor usage!


Android Smartwatches For Men - How To Buy One?


Smartwatches are what took the wristwatch industry by storm. They are one of the inventories that have greatly changed the watch industry. These watches do more than just showing the time. Furthermore, it has exciting features that are very cool. Imagine how cool will it be talking with someone over your watch? As I said before this does not only show the date and time. I know some people might have a problem with choosing what type of watch to buy. One also might have a problem with choosing the type of smartwatch to get. There is a big variety between Android smart watches for men. However, this article will help you have a variety of choices to decide from.


How to buy a smartwatch? Android-Smartwatch-For-Men

The best smartwatch is the one that is very compatible with your smartphone so buying one has some guides that you will have to follow. Knowing what to consider when buying a smartwatch is very essential for you. Not all smartwatches are worth buying. The guides below will give you all you need when buying a smartwatch.


Ensure that it is compatible with your phone

This is the most important part that you should consider. Not all smartwatches are compatible with your phone. Different smartwatches have a variety of phones that are compatible with. So ensuring that the one that you want is compatible with your phone is the basis of buying a smartwatch. It will be disappointing to buy a smartwatch blindly then you find out that it cannot connect with your phone. This is the first thing to know.


Know the battery life

Having a long-lasting battery life is very important for your smartwatch. The reason is that it won't disappoint you on your long trips or something that requires a lot of time. It is also very important as it will save you the time of regular charging. Furthermore, charging your smartwatch often might damage the battery itself. It will also be inconvenient for you.


Check your watch bands

Purchasing a smartwatch that its bands are easily replaceable is very important. Also, check if you can swap it with ease. You might not see the need at the early stages, but it will be of importance in the future. Check the apps that your watch will support Android smartwatches do vary depending on the brand. So choose the one that can support the apps that are important for you. This is essential as it will be able to serve your needs.


Choose the one with a heart rate sensor

This is always important for health fitness purposes. It will also be of great value if you are that person who normally takes morning exercise. If you are a fitness buff, then this is the right choice for you.


Available brands to consider

Some brands have established themselves in this industry this gives me the need to highlight these brands as they will help you in the selection process.

Fitbit Versa smartwatch - This is a smartwatch that is gaining popularity each day. Since its appearance in the market, it has attracted a lot of users. This is because of its very exciting features and its classy look. It is also very comfortable in the wrist.

Skagen falser 2 - This is the one that feels like having google in your wrist. The price is a bit higher, but I am very sure you will appreciate the OS- with the google assistant.

Fossil men’s gen explorist HR - This is another one that is powered by the OS and also ios. This gives it the ability to connect with various phones. It also has exciting features which you will appreciate.

Samsung galaxy watch active - The good thing about this one is the ability to connect with any android phone. This is the one that is perfect for everything. Though it might not reach perfection, it is an amazing watch to have.

Samsung galaxy watch -This is one of the watches that have gained a lot of popularity in the market. It looks good and its size is always awesome. It has high functionality and even high-end performance. You can’t compare it with any other smartwatch.


Price differenceAndroid Smartwatches For Men - How To Buy One?

This always varies from one brand to another. But it largely depends on the features a smartwatch can support. It also depends on the company that made. Some well-established companies sell their product at a higher price because they have a wider market and trust. This also depends on the quality of the smartwatch. Giving a specific price will be difficult.

Cheap smartwatches Here I would just highlight some cheap smartwatches that are also good to use. This includes Fitbit Versa lite, ticWatch E2, Amazfit Bip, Garmin forerunner 30, Polar M200. Those are the five cheap smartwatches that can suit your needs. They are good to use, and it won't disappoint you.

Expensive smartwatches

There are also some most expensive smartwatches and I would like to give you the five most expensive ones. They are also good and comes with exciting features. These are for those who wish to spend their money on expensive watches. We have smartwatches like brikk flux watch Omni, built-in Nico Gerard sunrise pinnacle, Hoptroff Atomic wristwatch, Gold Apple Watch Edition, Samsung de Grisogono Gear S2. Those are the top five expensive smartwatches as per the current price and those that are already in the market.


Websites that you could use to purchase a smartwatch

As of today’s generation, almost everything is done online. The risk here is that you might fall into the hands of frauds. This brings the need for knowing the website that you can use to purchase the watches. I will give you a few websites that are known for their good work. They are also true, and you won’t lose your money. One of them is Amazon. This is one of the well-known websites worldwide. You can even order one from the company’s website and they will ship it to you. These are the two ways I would suggest that you use when you want to buy a smartwatch.