Smart technology has evolved everything, right now a watch on your wrist can track your fitness, health and monitor your body performances on-time.

We call those gadgets as fitness trackers as they are an all-in-one package for your fitness and body performance.

Smartphone companies have started manufacturing these gadgets, too with each series they launch.

Here are a number of brands available with starting prices:

Fitness Tracker Brands available with starting prices

#1. Fitbit

Fitbit is a brand that focuses on activity tracking and products to turn you into a fitness freak.

They have smartwatches, fitness and exercise trackers with integrated apps that showcase your body performance every day.

Their fitness trackers start from $60 to onwards. There are several series linked with Fitbit technology and Inspire series is making waves across the market.Fitness Tracker Everything You Need To Know

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#2. Garmin

Just like Fitbit, we have another manufacturer that focuses on seasonal freaks. Most of their fitness trackers feature a slim design, long-lasting battery, and durable construction.

About price, it ranges from $84 onwards and their Vivosmart 4 is what experts recommend.

The only limitation with most of the Garmin fitness trackers is that they feature a small screen with no GPS availability. On the same end, their products are waterproof, have activity tracking enabled and are compatible with Android/iOS.  Fitness Tracker Everything You Need To Know

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#3. Huawei

On the third spot, we have Huawei that has already earned a name in the smartphone industry.

Huawei’s fitness trackers offer great battery life, have extended screen sizes, compatibility with Android/iOS and are waterproof, too.

Out of all these fitness trackers, we have Huawei Band 3 Pro and offers style and substance on the budget. It has 14 days standby battery life, GPS enabled and is waterproof, too. Fitness Tracker Everything You Need To Know

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#4. Xiaomi

Yes, Xiaomi is not only the smartphone company, they are also manufacturing fitness trackers, too!

The best part of their fitness trackers is their touchscreen that turns it into a little smartphone. The 20-days or more battery life is usual for Xiaomi’s crafts.

About the price, it starts from $32 to onwards which is comparatively very low. The only limitation with Xiaomi’s fitness trackers is that they don’t feature a GPS and so there’s no auto-tracking out there.

Overall, each fitness tracker is durable and feature classy designs; loved by fitness freaks the most! Fitness Tracker Everything You Need To Know

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How a Fitness Tracker can make your life easier?

Well, the question may go more in-depth but here is how fitness trackers can make your life easier:

Monitors your steps

Starting with walking as;

“Walking is the only way to help you LIVE longer!”

Fitness trackers can monitor your steps, track every movement you make; no matter where you go.

Fitness trackers have GPS integrated to give you an overview of the distance you’ve walked. This way, you can overview the steps you take every day and align yourselves to the figures your fitness coach has suggested:

Calories burned

Next, we have calorie-burning features to know how many calories you have burned so far. The systems are very intelligent and they can track your practice routines precisely.

The calorie-burning feature can also help you in achieving your body weight goals as you can exercise and track!

Kilometers traveled

Well, the ‘kilometers traveled’ is only for GPS enabled trackers but it is good for the ones that like to walk.

Move, move and as you look at the stats, you’ll have the distance you traveled calculated in kilometers:

Heart rate watch

Heart rate watch is important to find how greatly the blood is being circulated. Each fitness tracker has trackers at the bottom to find out heart rate through veins. It has helped everyone from young to adults as you can monitor your heart rate instantly and take on-time measures!

Sleep recording

Good sleep is needed to keep you productive, right?

Fitness trackers can help you schedule your sleep time and bless yourself with a productive mind.

As soon as you stop working after the evening, the system starts recording time as if you are sleeping. Later as you wake up and start using your fitness friend, it calculates the time you were inactive as the sleep time.

This way, you can record your sleep, improve your sleeping routine and rock throughout the day!

Intelligent notification reminder

Got an important meeting ahead?

No need to look to put your phone on a reminder as the gadget on your wrist can notify you earlier.

Quality fitness trackers have intelligent notification reminders to remind you at regular intervals. Let’s explain it with an example;

Consider you have a meeting at 9:00 PM, the intelligent reminder will remind you a night before and as you wake up, there will be notifications half an hour before. This way, there are no delays for any of your important events coming ahead.

Concluding the overall discussion, a fitness tracker is what you require.

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