Smartwatches are getting updated frequently with better system specifications and designs and LetsFit is crafting gadgets accordingly. They’re a company that focuses on fitness accessories and products. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, sports headphones and other wearables are what they craft.

Talking about their newly launched smartwatch that has got everything from heart rate monitor to fitness tracking. It is available with an affordable price tag and is recommended by several athletes, too. 

Here’s an overview of its functionality, design, and performance:



Starting the review with design, LetsFit has got a sleek design. The edges are rounded and there is just one circular button on the right side. The screen features a curved design that looks astonishing!

The watch is lightweight (about 1.6 ounces) and has got standard dimensions (4.57 x 3.14 x 2.24 in). With such a sleek design, LetsFit is liked by everyone a bit serious about fitness and staying connected with friends and family on the go!

LetsFit Smart Watch Review


After the design, we look for the functions a smartwatch offers. LetsFit smartwatches have captured the market with the premium features it offers:

  • Music Control: Wipe away your boredom when you’re walking or running as you can have your favorite music playing in your background simultaneously. As soon as the smart gadget connects with your phone, all of your offline/local music is synced rightly on your smartwatch. Play, pause or change your music right from your wrist, just a tap away!LetsFit Smartwatch Review
  • Steps Monitor: We may call it a fitness friend as you can monitor your steps accurately and reward your body with freshness. Talk a morning/evening walk and forget about the goals. As you stop, the screen on your wrist will share with you the steps you’ve traveled to the moment.
  • Sleep Quality: Just like exercise is necessary, sleep quality is equally important. How great your sleep was is what that defines your performance for the coming day, right? Letsfit has got built-in trackers to track how easy you slept, how easy you’ve spent your time, how often you woke up and the list goes on. After this accurate analysis, Letsfit sleep quality tracking functionality will feature you a report to share how great your sleep was.
  • Calories burned: Next, we have some more technical data; yes ‘the calories’ burned. Whether you walk, swim or run, you’ll be able to find a report showcasing how much calories were burned till the time.
  • Sports mileage: Well, this is for the real athletes. This functionality helps you learn about the mileage and flexibility your body can afford.


Talking about performance, we get to see a full-fledged package for travelers, athletes, swimmers, and tech-lovers.

It is packed with a powerful chipset that is capable of running multiple apps simultaneously. The response time is good, too. Unlike other smartwatches, the music control works smoothly and is a perfect motivation to keep you around in your workout.LetsFit Smart Watch Review

About syncing, the VeryFitPro app is designed in an artistic pattern and you’ll get your data synced on-time. As you save new music on your phone, you can play that rightly from your smartwatch; this real-time feature has made it an excellent choice!

Battery Life:

When it comes to smartwatches, battery life is an important factor to consider. Letsfit smartwatch has got you covered with a 210mAh battery with a short charging time (about 2.5 hours).

According to the official reports, the battery offers 30-40 days of standby time and 10 days of normal usage. This way, it is a fine package for everyone who’s looking for a partner that is good about battery life. The exciting fact is that the battery is capable enough to power a 1.3-inch long colorful screen.

The Bottom Line

From design to performance, we have discussed almost everything about the LetsFit smartwatch. For more information, you can check out its official product page on Amazon.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. Is there any warranty for this smartwatch?

Yes, LetsFit offers a 1-year warranty for all smartwatches. You can ask customer care to have some accurate information about product claims.

Q. Does the screen require an additional protector?

According to the officials, they have used 2.5D high hardness glass for their screen and it doesn’t require any additional protector. If there’s any precision issue about the screen, you’ve got a 12-month warranty to get your smartwatch screen checked up.

Q. How does the sleep tracker work?

The sleep tracker works as you sleep. As soon as you stop using your smartphone or smartwatch and have no activity for a few moments, the sleep tracker starts to measure your sleep. However for customization; you can change the sleep schedule in settings.

Q. Can I check phone calls (call logs) from the smartwatch menu?

Yes, you can check phone calls if your phone is synced accurately.

Q. Is there any NFC chip for mobile payments?

No, there are no NFC chips for mobile payments.

Q. Is there any Voice Texting feature?

Nope, the current model doesn’t have any but we can expect these unique features in the next models.

Q. What are the perfect settings for cross-training or strength training?

Going with the normal mode works fine!

Q. Talking about the display, is there any way to change it?

Yes, you can change the display, move over to the settings and then dial. There are several display options you can choose from.

Q. Does the watch support variety in bands?

Yes, the watch supports additional bands for a better look.

Q. Is there any camera in the middle top or is it some other hardware material?

There’s no camera on this watch so no worries about glass scratch if there are any! 😀

Q. Can I measure stress with it?

No, there is no option to measure stress.

Q. Is there any way to calibrate the steps through this smartwatch?

Yes, you can calibrate the steps through this smartwatch.

Q. Is that watch ‘really’ water-resistant?

Yes, it meets the IP68 waterproof standards.

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