In the modern era of the year 2020, staying online and up-to-date with modern tech is crucial. Alongside having an always-connected smartphone, smartwatches are the new trend. Smartwatches enable you to keep track of your fitness and provide you with the basic functionality of a smartphone so you don’t have to take your phone out of the pocket every minute.

In the game of smartwatch battles, the two most prominent players are Samsung and Apple. Apple has dominated this market for some years now, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be any better offering from any other company. So, in the next few minutes of reading this article, you’re going to learn everything you’d need to know about the latest and greatest offerings from these brands, i.e., the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Apple Watch Series 5. Let’s get you started by having a look at both of these options, individually.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2:

If you’re an Android user, Active 2 might be the way to go for you. But, don’t hesitate to give it a go even if you’re an iOS user as it comes with iOS compatibility. Being a smartwatch based on Android OS, it’s very versatile and is compatible with tons of Android smartphones out there. That’s something you can’t say about Apple’s offering.

With that being said, Active 2 is the most well-rounded smartwatch offering from Samsung to date. Courtesy of Samsung’s top-notch displays, it got a bright and vivid display. It has an innovative touch bezel that lets you navigate through the system with ease.

It has workout-tracking, GPS, and cellular option availability. It’s also got an ECG, although that’s not available out of the box at launch.

Apple Watch Series 5:

If you’re the type of person deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, Apple Watch Series 5 is the obvious choice for you. Because iPhones don’t work with Android smartwatches, you’re left with no other choice. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, Apple Watches have been considered the best smartwatches you can buy out there for some years now.

Alongside other nifty Apple features, the fifth generation of Apple Watch pleases its fans with the long-awaited always-on display. It’s also got a built-in GPS and a cellular-enabled option.

Pros and Cons:

Of course, nothing is perfect for everybody. Everybody is looking for their ideal choice that fits perfectly with their usage habits. We have compiled a list of pros and cons for both of these smartwatch options so you can make your choice easier and faster.

Pros – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2:

  • Digital rotating bezel: That’s something you won’t find on the iOS side of things. This innovative digital rotating bezel is quite new to the market and offers a fresh and unique way of navigating through the watch.Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  • Two sizes: To fit perfectly on your wrist, it comes in two sizes.
  • Sleep tracking: A handy health tracking feature, i.e., sleep tracking is available at your disposal with Active 2. 
  • Built-in GPS: For all your commutes and other navigation tasks, it got a built-in GPS.

Pros – Apple Watch Series 5:

  • Always-on display: A delight for the fans of always-on displays and the long-awaited feature for the Apple Watch fans.
  • Two sizes: Just like its Android competitor, Apple Watch 5 comes in two sizes for the perfect fit for your wrist.Apple Watch Series 5
  • 32GB storage capacity: Apple Watch 5 comes with twice the storage capacity from the previous generations. Say no to frequent storage cleanup habits.
  • ECG at launch: Unlike the Samsung Watch Active 2, Apple Watch 5 comes with the ECG feature working out of the box.

Cons – Samsung Watch Active 2:

  • ECG not available at launch: Unlike in the Apple Watch 5, the ECG feature isn’t available in the Samsung Watch Active 2 at launch.
  • Smaller app selection: The app selection on the Android smartwatch side of the border is quite limited when compared to Apple smartwatches.

Cons – Apple Watch Series 5:

  • No sleep tracking: Apple Watch 5 is missing the feature of sleep tracking, that’s where the Android competitor takes the crown. 
  • Not a big upgrade from the predecessor: If you already have a previous-gen Apple Watch, you may not be pleased to find out there’s not much that the series 5 offers over the previous one. 

Why should you consider buying one of them?

You’re familiar with the pros and cons of each, but you’re wondering if this investment is worth it and why should you purchase a smartwatch in the first place. Well, let’s get you informed. Here are some facts why you need to consider purchasing one of these smartwatches.

  1. Notifications: 

For us, and most of the people with smartwatches out there, one of the biggest reasons to get a smartwatch is to get a glance at your notifications. Getting your phone out from your pocket or bag is a much messy process when compared to taking a glance at your wrist. With that quick glance, you can identify the importance of the notification and decide if you want to take the phone out.

  1. Social etiquette: 

While sitting in a family or friends’ gathering, being on your phone could be rude. The simpler, easier, and subtler alternative is to check whatever you need to check on your smartwatch instead.

  1. Answering phone calls: 

Let’s face this, answering phone calls on your smartwatch is not something that you want to do every time. But, there are certain situations when it’s hard to get your hands on your phone buried deep into your bag or pocket and your hands are busy. That’s where cellular connectivity of these smartwatches can help.

  1. Fitness tracking:

Dedicated fitness trackers are boring. You’d be fed up with them in a couple of weeks or so. But that’s not the case with Samsung Watch Active 2 and Apple Watch 5. The huge list of nifty features and the trendy looks of these smartwatches motivates you to track your fitness and do it regularly.

  1. Music:

Listening to music on your smartphone while walking down the street is really a delight. That’s until there comes a track that you never liked but Spotify keeps playing it nonetheless. Rather than taking out your phone and skipping the track, you can do it by a quick gesture or tap on your smartwatch. You can also do other handy music like volume adjustments, right on your Apple Watch 5 or Samsung Active 2.

Which one is suitable for you?

The biggest deciding factor is; whether you’re on the Android or iOS side of the things. If you’re an Apple user and are submerged into their ecosystem, Apple Watch 5 is the obvious choice to go with.

However, if you prefer versatility and want to taste the Android flavors, Samsung Active 2 is a solid choice for you.

You might also want to keep in mind the pros and cons of each one of these options and decide according to what you’re looking for.

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