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The Galaxy Watch comes in different variants and sizes 42mm or a bigger 46mm model, and three hues, Midnight Black, Rose Gold, and Silver.

Straight out of the box, the main thing that gets you about the Samsung Galaxy Watch is that this smartwatch resembles a genuine watch. The key is the enormous round face, just the metal body.

In case you’re searching for something more conventional than the Apple Watch, it’ll be ideal for you.

For us, this makes a slight sense of unease. While the Apple Watch has a sleek iconic design and like nothing that came before it, the Galaxy Watch is a mediocre impersonation of Traditional watches.

For what reason is the galaxy watch inferior? Since more often, if you prefer battery life and turn the always-on display off, the Galaxy Watch show will be a dark/black round.

Samsung likewise can’t compete Apple with regards to construct quality. The most reasonable in price Apple Watch feels substantially more costly and comfortable than it really is, and sits so comfortably on the wrist it’s practically unnoticeable.

The Galaxy Watch doesn’t feel awful; however, it feels less expensive in competition. It’s more of a tech gadget than a traditional watch or jewelry.

Fortunately, its design is abstract and keeping in mind that it’s not to my preferences; however, you may cherish it.

If you’re not a fanatic of the shape and design, the Galaxy Watch has a considerable amount of improving highlights to prevail upon you.

The best of which is the way you cooperate with the watch i.e., the user interface.

Regarding ergonomics and ease of use, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is the best smartwatch out there. The pivoting rotatable bezel and two side buttons are a fantastic method for exploring the UI, spinning through applications and menus.

The bezel is very tactile and has a satisfying click when used;

· The 42mm Galaxy Watch, which has a 1.2-inch display and generally speaking elements of 41.9 x 45.7 x 12.7mm, can be combined with 20mm belts.

· It’s a pleasant size and sits well on my 17cm wrists.

· the 46mm Galaxy Watch included a bigger 1.3-inch screen and included weight (63 grams rather than 42).

· The more prominent 46mm form of the Galaxy Watch is likewise the variation that awards you the much-advertised new battery, with a 472mAh pile of cells stacked into it, which is a checked increment from the 270mAh in the 42mm.

· I haven’t tried this rendition yet (chiefly because it’s unreasonably enormous for my wrists). However, our sister site Techradar claims the battery lift endures in about four and five days. which is excellent.

· it usually lasts two days at least, 42mm model.

· At last, as far as equipment, both the Bluetooth and LTE/4G adaptations of the Galaxy Watch pack the double center 1.15GHz chipset and 4GB of extra inside room.

· Where the models vary is that the LTE/4G Galaxy Watch has more RAM (1.5GB), contrasted with the Bluetooth models’ 768MB.

· This is likely because of the additional snort expected to keep up a versatile association.

Portable application:

The Samsung Galaxy Wearable application lets the watch match up to your iOS or Android cell phone. You can utilize the app first to pair the watch with your telephone and set some basic settings straight like designing the E-SIM and giving the watch warning access. When the clock is all set, almost all the settings and customization choices offered by the application areas of now open through the watch itself, however indeed, they are increasingly advantageous on the application. The application can likewise be utilized to rapidly find your watch on the off chance that it is lost or taken, yet you will, for the most part, come back to the application to see an outline of your wellness following.


Samsung Galaxy Watch audit

As far as OS, the Galaxy Watch holds Tizen, presently in its 4.0 manifestation.

This is perfect with all Android telephones that are running Android 5.0 and later, and it will likewise work with any iPhone running iOS 9 or more.

It’s the best thing about the Galaxy Watch and is the best smartwatch UI we’ve at any point utilized. Exploring is so straightforward, quick and natural, disgracing Wear OS and watchOS.

Unfortunately, much the same as past ages, Tizen is additionally the watch’s most magnificent ruin, as it has little-to-none-existent outsider help, driving you to utilize Samsung’s worked in applications.

Wellbeing is a significant concentration for the Galaxy Watch. In that capacity, Samsung Health is presently extended with new pressure the executives and breathing highlights, just as an assortment of 21 indoor activities and 39 followed exercises.

Here’s the full rundown:





Another exercise


Exercise Bike

Weight machine

High-intensity aerobics

Arm twists

Arm expansions

Back expansions

Seat press

Burpee test



Circular coach

Front raises


Lat pulldowns

Horizontal raises

Legs twists

Leg augmentations

Leg press

Leg raises







Paddling machine

Shoulder presses



Star hops

Step machine



You can undoubtedly switch between the different following capacities and modes by turning the Galaxy Watch’s bezel.

You’ll discover the Galaxy Watch sufficiently exact in case you’re an easygoing client. However, it won’t supplant your Garmin or Suunto in case you’re preparing for a long-distance race.

Just as an exercise following the Galaxy Watch will likewise quantify your pressure, remind you to breathe profoundly, and give you a slick little pressure score (it ought to do this consequently, however our own didn’t, which was very distressing in itself).

Also, there’s rest following, even though we saw the watch as excessively awkward and cumbersome to wear while dozing.

In other new highlights, the Galaxy Watch presently includes Bixby, Samsung’s AI voice aide, which replaces S Voice on the new smartwatch.

Shockingly, this appears just a rebrand, as Bixby is nearly as pointless as S Voice on the Gear S3. Google Assistant would have made voice control experience much better.

Advantages and disadvantages: 


  • Samsung Pay support is magnificent
  • Crisp, dynamic OLED show
  • Two sizes for vast and little wrists
  • Long battery life
  • Good wellness highlights
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good wellness/rest tracker


  • Bixby/S Voice is horrendous
  • 42mm model has a lot littler battery
  • Few applications for Tizen
  • The LTE model is going to cost you extra
  • Very minimal inner stockpiling.

Would it be advisable for you to get it? 

Indeed. The Galaxy Watch is an astounding smartwatch that looks great, tracks your movement unbelievably well, just as the pulse. It’s enjoyment utilizing the pivoting bezel, and we love collaborating with our warnings on the watch.

Amazon has the best deals on this smartwatch. I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Samsung Galaxy Watch, or you want to leave your review, leave a comment below.

If you’ve made up your mind, here’s a link: Samsung Galaxy Watch

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