With smart technology, our lives have become easier, fast and efficient. We have smartphones, fitness bands, and smart medical apparatus to analyze our body with no damage to tissues.

Out of all these smart technologies, we have sleep trackers that can track your sleep and help you manage the time you relax.

Whatever activities we do, our body requires a complete rest to work properly. And if there’s no relaxation for quite long, the body performance starts to decay.

Benefits of Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking helps you in a number of ways. Here are some of them:

  • Firstly, you can analyze and manage when you want to go to bed and when you get up. The helps you visualize your sleep schedule and so you find a regular pattern with your sleep.
  • Most of the sleep trackers have accelerometer that can measure your movement during your sleep. With those measurements, you can learn about your behavior and take measures accordingly.
  • Next, we have heart rate measurements which give an insight on how good is your blood flow throughout the time you sleep. This sort of measurement saves your time of monthly blood flow checkups to know your heart health.

Here are some of the best sleep trackers available in the market right now:

#1. Withings Move

Starting with Withings Move, it is one of the latest addition to their sleep trackers.

It features a claimed 18-months battery life which is too much for a watch that can track your sleep accurately.

Withings has been serving the market for years and the Move series is something that deserves a round of applause. There’s no difficult pattern to analyze your sleep, you just receive a sleep score out of 100 in the morning and based on how long you were sleeping.

Also, you learn about how many times you woke up at night. The only demerit here Withings’ Move is that it doesn’t track your heart rate during sleep.

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#2. Fitbit Versa

In the world of fitness trackers and smart tech, Fitbit has created a whole new buzz. Their Versa features a rounded design and has an extra long battery life that will last more than 4 days.

About performance, it has gyroscope and optical heart rate sensor for sleep tracking. This way, you get to see accurate results from start to finish. As you check Fitbit app after a relaxing sleep, you won’t just find the duration of your sleep but the different sleep stages you went through.

The sleep is analyzed with light, REM and deep measurements which is good if you’re taking a course on health. Lastly about price, Fitbit costs about €177.00 and is available in a variety of models.

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#3. Oura Ring

Similar to sleep tracking watches, Oura Ring is a tracker that would live on your finger. It is a gadget for minimalistic tech loves.

About the data it offers, Oura is focused on the overall body wellness and particularly sleep. You can come up with a simple sleep score every day, and as you get into more stats, we’ll find out all kinds of information about the quality of sleep you received.

Oura claims its ring to be the most accurate sleep tracker of all time and it is available at a price tag of about €314.00. If you don’t like to wear a watch throughout your sleep, Oura Ring is the right option for you.

Available on official Oura Ring page

#4. Fitbit Alta HR

Again, we have a sleep tracker from Fitbit and this time, it is a bit affordable and has a lightweight design.

There are just a few apps, features and activity trackers available but as compared to the size, it still features an impressive seven-day battery life of 7 days.

About the stats, you receive a detailed breakdown of your sleep with specifications on age and gender. In addition to sleep tracking, you can track distance, calories burned, active minutes and steps you walked.

The thing that made Alta HR a success was its thinner design that stays unnoticed when you’re in bed. As a conclusion, if you’re looking for a tracker that is not fancy, go for it as it is lightweight and stays unnoticed throughout the sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this post ond if you have any questions about Sleep Trackers, or you want to leave your personal review, leave a comment below.

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