Suunto 7 Review

Suunto is a Finnish brand, well known for its sports, diving, and other adventurer products. Their most popular products include sports watches — which, surprisingly enough, work pretty well as normal smartwatches as well.

Suunto 7 is the latest and greatest offering from the Finnish brand. Their previous iterations, the Suunto 3 and the Suunto 5 were players of their own game — but Suunto has given out their best with Suunto 7. But, has Suunto done enough? Let’s find out in our full Suunto 7 review. 

It’s hard to categorize Suunto 7 in a well-defined category.

The first thing to mention — Suunto 7 doesn’t compete with products from a single category. As it’s a smartwatch based on Wear OS, it goes head to head with the likes of Apple Watch Series 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, to compete for the crown of the best digital smartwatch with its smart connectivity and functionality. 

But needless to say, as Suunto is a brand mainly focused on sports and diving, there’s a plethora of sports features and modes included in the Suunto 7. 

That makes Suunto 7 as a direct competitor to offerings from both categories, smartwatches and fitness watches. 

Well-done hardware and design.

Before we talk about the design, let’s quickly get the specs out of the way. It comes with a 1.39’’ display having a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. It gets pretty bright — with a max brightness of up to a thousand nits, you’re not going to have any issues with outdoor visibility. The case is a pretty hefty 50mm glass fiber reinforced polyamide case. Internals consist of 1GB of RAM and 4.5GB of user-accessible storage. Straps are 24cm long and can be released quickly. It weighs a pebble of around 70g and comes with 5ATM of water and dust resistance for all your rugged needs. It comes with WiFi, but no LTE (ouch!). NFC is there for all your payment needs. 

Suunto 7 Review
Sport-y Look

Suunto 7 looks more Sport-y than the majority of Wear OS watches out there — and that’s what you would expect from a smartwatch manufactured by a sports product manufacturer. The first thing you’d notice when you get your hands on a Suunto 7 is “It’s BIG!”, maybe a bit too big for many people. A 50mm case is probably the upper limit for most medium-large wrist sized people. For the people with narrower wrists, Suunto 7 is not the way to go. For reference, Apple Watch Series 5 comes in two sizes, the smaller one is 40mm and the larger one is 44mm. However, the weight is not too overwhelming and weighs around 70g. 

Premium Quality

Not to skip the fact that the whole thing looks and feels sturdy, solid, and premium. The materials used for the construction are pleasant to touch and feel. The buttons are of high quality, clicky to press, and easy to find. The strap is also very pleasant to touch and is it’s gorgeous that it doesn’t get caught up with your clothes. 

There are a total of four buttons you’re going to find on your Suunto 7 case. The top-left button is your home/all apps button. The one on the top-right is not user-programmable and takes you to the Suunto app when pressed. The other two buttons are programmable, i.e., they can be set to open an app or perform a function of your choice. 

Wear OS works well with a rotating crown, but unfortunately, Suunto 7 doesn’t have one. 

As Suunto has been making watches for a long time, it’s not surprising to see Suunto has nailed the hardware and design department with the Suunto 7. 

The watch is big due to two reasons — the big display, and the large battery. The display is a beautiful 1.39’’ AMOLED panel. The resolution is sharp, colors are accurate, and visibility is great. Needless to say, the size makes it very easy for you to read notifications and other tiny bits of text on the screen. Suunto 7 Review

The other factor which adds to the size of the watch — the battery, is incredible as well. When Suunto claimed that the 7 has a 2-day battery life, we were a bit skeptical. But after using the watch extensively for many days, it’s safe to say that these claims were true. The watch easily lasts up to 2 days for normal usage — playing music, using Google Pay, tracking workouts, and reading notifications. The battery may drop down to 12 hours if you actively use GPS — but that’s expected, isn’t it?

Suunto gets the basics right when it comes to sports watch features — but misses out on some things. 

It comes in with more than 70 workouts modes including running, swimming, hiking, and many more. A built-in GPS, an optical heart rate monitor, and a barometer make it ideal for all your workout needs. But the lack of an external heart rate monitor indeed hurts. There’s no triathlon mode though — so if you’re a hardcore athlete with the primary focus of tracking your fitness up to extreme metrics, get your hands on something that’s not a sports-smartwatch hybrid. 

Suunto 7 is great for outdoor activities, though. The main reason for that it supports offline maps. You can download maps for pretty much every area on the globe — and use them for navigation even when there’s no internet connectivity available. The maps are very detailed, too. So no worries in this department. 

Suunto 7 has a feature called Heatmaps. It’s a map with a black background and orange trails that display heavily visited areas by other Suunto users. 

Suunto 7


  • 70+ Sport Models
  • Easy To Navigate
  • Automatic Update


  • Low Battery Life
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • No Sleep Tracker

Suunto 7 Review

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Suunto directly competes with the big players like Apple Watch 5 and Samsung Active 2. These two competitors mainly focus on productivity features but provide some handy workout and fitness features as well. Suunto 7, on the other hand, lacks these features. The lack of LTE and an external HR monitor make the Suunto 7 feel like an underdog for the price.  

If you’re someone having loyalty with Suunto brand or looking for a big-sized hybrid that’s fit for your bulky wrists, Suunto 7 is probably the option for you. 

But, in most cases, other smartwatch options do you more good for the same price.

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