I believe you will agree with me that smartphones are not all you need to enjoy a smart life. They are great I know but they can’t be within reach at all times, that why substitute devices are needed. One of such devices is the smartwatch. A smartwatch could simply be referred to as a watch with an inbuilt OS. It is very portable, less costly, efficient and the right company for your jogging session. Because of how great these watches are and their increasing number in the Market, I have taught it wise to bring to you the best 5 Android smartwatches currently available for women.

The Best Android Smartwatches For Women

Example of the best Android smartwatches currently available for womenThe Best Android Smartwatches For Women

1. Pebble Time Round.

2. Amazfit Bip Best Cheap Smartwatch for Women.

3. Fitbit Versa Best Smartwatch for Women for Sports.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Rose Gold Best Android Smartwatch for Women.

5. UMIDIGI uwatch gt

Pebble Time Round Best Compact Smartwatch for Women

This is a thin and almost weightless waterproof watch. This watch is compatible with both Android and iPhone. It is as thick as 1/3 of an apple watch so is better suited for a thin wrist. Its strap is made of pure leather. Its body is made of stainless-steel Marine Grade. This watch can be used as far down as 1m in water and it doesn’t really conduct heat. Animation in this watch is smooth and so, there are no delays at all. This watch has a powerful battery, which can last up to 2 days without recharging, but sometimes this time increases to 3 days, depending on use. It takes only 15 minutes to charge!

Price: €147.51


1. It has a thin body i.e about 7.5 mm.

2. Quick charge.

3. IPX7 standard waterproof

4.  Multiple applications.

Amazfit Bip Best Cheap Smartwatch for Women

This square shaped smartwatch has the longest battery life of any of the other smartwatches on this list. It supports GPS and if you compare Amazfit Bip and Apple Watch, then you will notice that they are similar to each other; a small square touch dial, single mechanical control button with a strap. It has a rounded Gorilla Glass 3 screen with an oleophobic coating, installed on top of the display.

Its body is made of scratch-resistant plastic. This watch comes in 4 different colors: black, white, orange and dark green.

This watch has an activity tracker that very accurately determines the number of steps taken and monitors the body’s state during sleep. It does this without third-party applications, has synchronization with Apple HealthKit and integrates into most dials.

Price: €69.00


1. It uses GPS and GLONASS.

2. It is P68 rated waterproof.

3. This watch tracks activity and has heart rate monitor.

4. Sports fashion design.

5. It receives notifications sent from a smartphone

Fitbit Versa Best Smartwatch for Women for Sports

It won’t be wrong if is classify this watch as the best smartwatch for women. This watch comes with an activity tracker and inbuilt spaces so with it, you can store music for listening offline, track your workouts and it can last for several days without recharging. Its beautiful touch screen is small but bright and highly detailed. This watch has nice colors and the visibility in the outside is excellent. Since it comes with an LCD panel instead of OLED, there is no ‘Always on Display’ function, unless you are tracking exercise.The Best Android Smartwatches For Women

It comes in several color options; including pink. One of its pros is that replacing its strap does not require any special tools, but it is a rather painstaking process.

This watch comes with aluminum casen and its screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Its Posterior part is slightly convex, to ensure a better fit of the heart rate monitor to the skin without the need to tighten the strap.

Price: €144.79


1. It comes with more than 15 exercise modes.

2. Fast charge to 100%..

3. It has Female specific health function.

4. It can download and listen to over 300 songs.

5. This watch is able to use contactless pay.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Rose Gold Best Android Smartwatch for Women.

As we all know, Samsung doesn’t disappoint. This round head Samsung watch was built to have the design of a classic round mechanical watch, and is complemented by a bezel -a swivel ring around the dial. Its swivel rim is very convenient; with its help you control the women smart watch. This watch is ribbed, so there are no accidentally interferences, even if you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt and quickly move your arms while walking.

On its right side, are two side buttons which you use for the necessary functions. Its swivel ring can be used, when a call appears on the menu to answer or decline it.

Its latest software upgrade, added a ticking sound for the clock’s second hand (you can turn it off if you wish), this creates a complete illusion that you have a normal watch. This watch has a full variety of dials and settings, but more on that later, for now, let’s focus on the screen.

Its glass screen is resistant to everyday scratches. So it is very difficult to damage. Pictures on this watch look bright and clear. Its screen sensitivity can be increased in the menu, so you can operate it even with gloves.

This watch supportd AlwaysOn Display function meaning that the screen can operate continuously. Its battery works really great, after a full charge, you can get 2days of uninterrupted use.

Price: €246.89


1. It can send messages.

2. It has Samsung Health app which collects health data.

3. It has the ability to answer calls.

 UMIDIGI uwatch gt

This watch has a full touch color screen, with the newest IPS high resolution display. It is easy control with the sensitive touch screen. This watch is a 5ATM waterproof fitness tracker. With this feature, you can wear it when swimming. It comes with a super large battery,one full charge can support 10-15 days of usage. Its movement tracking and health management feature display steps calorie distance, heart rate pace and time duration. It is a smart Watch which receives alerts from calls, SMS, email, calendar, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Price: €59.99


1. It is 5ATM waterproof.

2. It provides sedentary Reminders.

3. It has a heart Rata Monitor.

4. It gives weather forcast.

5. It notifies its users of Call / message.

6. It is an alarm clock.

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