Technology has made a lot of improvements and it has resulted in a variety of tiny machines. Smartwatches are one of those

tiny machines that reside on your wrist to connect with your phone and offer multiple features.

From day #1; when the first smartwatch was made to the public, every other smartphone company came up with their own


As a result, we got several smartwatches with different price ranges in the market and making choices became difficult.

Here are some of the top smartwatches for men that look classy and have some

of the best features out there:

#1. Samsung Galaxy Watch:

With the tagline ‘stay connected longer’, Samsung galaxy watch is a gateway to connect with the world around you.

Starting with the design, you get to see a variety of watchlvor ml faces in a circular dial. The themes are designMidnighted precisely; hand shadowing and sound give you the feel of a real watch.

The size ranges from 42mm to 46mm with Black, Rose Gold and Silver models. Here are some features that make it a constant companion:

True Hands-free:

The first and foremost thing, you get overall freedom with Galaxy Watch 5. It directly connects with your smartphone, allowing you to receive calls and check messages even when your phone is out of arm’s reach; making it convenient for traveling.

Music goes with you:

After the hands-free factor, Samsung’s craft features online music playing or connecting with your wireless earbuds free. With that flexible connectivity, you no longer need to take out your phone for music streaming specifically when you’re out for a jog.

Excellent Battery Life:

Samsung explains the watch battery with this; ‘give your charger a rest some nights’ as it offers a long-lasting battery life on a single charge.

Other Benefits:

Other than these simple yet effective features; you are presented with a number of benefits. These include:

    • measuring heart rate
    • Exercise tracking
    • Sleep tracking
    • Monitoring stress levels
    • Water-resistance up to 50 meters

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#2. Apple Watch 5

When it comes to Apple, the first thing that comes along is the top-notch design and specification.

Starting with its always-on retina display, the screen is always there to watch time. The dials (the way you want to watch time) are easily customizable and you can go with either analog dials or the digital ones.

Here are a number of features that make it a must-buy gadget;

Enhanced memory:

With Apple’s watch 5, you get an ultimate 32GB of onboard storage.

Multiplexed Performance:

Unlike its predecessor watch 4 that had minimal performance issues, it is packed with a new processor, called S5 which enhances efficiency and speed during the operating time throughout.

Long Battery Life:

Just like a traditional watch battery that lasts for days, Apple’s craft has extra-long battery life. An S5 chip is integrated which saves more battery on the go.

Easy Outdoor Usage:

We as men usually look for a smartwatch that is good for outdoor usage. How about a gadget that can detect changes in elevation (including the meters you have climbed or descended)?

Apple Watch 5 is there to track. Similarly, it can tell you how far you are above or below the sea level which is good for tracking on hikes and seeing exactly what you’ve achieved.

That’s all about Apple Watch Series 5;

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#3. Fossil Digital  Smart Watch

Fossil Digital is a perfect choice for fitness lovers and enthusiasts. The most unique feature here is an integrated Google Assistant which lets you take actions just by voice.

About storage, you get a 4GB memory here with a WearOS installed. It has been a top seller for long; here is an overview of three features that made it a fine choice for the gym, fitness freaks and sportsmen:

Battery Life:

Just like other Samsung smartwatches, Fossil Sports features a days-long battery to keep you active for some great time.

Water Resistance:

Next, we have the swim-proof factor that makes it a fine choice for swimmers and the divers.


This is what TechRadar suggests; it has the most powerful chipset out there in Samsung smartwatch range.


Lastly, we have productivity as a factor that decides its use during the game or at work. It is lightweight, comfortable on the wrist and the interface is very catchy to make its use interesting.

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#4. TicWatch Pro

Lastly, we have TicWatch Pro which can be your next go-to fitness and swimming companion. The smartwatch is officially supported by Google’s WearOS and tracks your activities with accuracy.

It has built-in GPS and offers a 2-day battery life (for normal usage). It is packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear and is well-engineered to work underwater. There are already built-in proactive sports modes to help you track your performance. Lastly, it has a sleep tracker to share details on your sleep quality.

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Choosing the Best Smart Watch For Men – What to Consider?

We have already discussed the top smartwatches for men, and when it comes to making choices, we go for some research, look out for reviews and find how the watch is working at a customer’s end.

Here’s what experts look for when they are choosing a smartphone:

  • Performance: Whether it is a smartphone or a smartwatch, performance is what we require. Analyze the hardware specifications once and move on to the next factor:
  • Battery Life: You have to keep your watch on the wrist to receive calls, check notifications, time, etc but it requires a good battery life to stay active, right? Make sure the watch you choose has a maximized battery capacity:
  • Interface/OS: The operating system that a smartwatch uses is what that decides its functionality. Make sure that the smartwatch you choose has a verified operating system so that you have no issues with interface and functionality later on.

That’s it, with these three factors in consideration, you can find a smartwatch that is a perfect partner for your manhood and outdoor usage!

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